Tern Cargo Hold 52lt Panniers

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  • The Cargo Hold 52 Panniers sound like versatile and capacious accessories designed for the GSD (Get Stuff Done) bike, offering ample storage space with a volume of over 100 liters per pair. Their generous size makes them suitable for various purposes, from routine grocery trips to outdoor camping expeditions, and even for transporting multiple bags, instruments, or sports equipment for kids while they're on the bike.

    The panniers offer flexibility in how they can be used: Roll-Top Mode provides protection against weather elements, ensuring the contents remain dry and safe during rainy conditions. On the other hand, Bucket Mode allows for accommodating larger or oddly-shaped cargo quickly.

    The inclusion of two Fidlock® buckles simplifies the process of opening and closing the panniers, allowing for convenient access to the stored items without hassle.

    Overall, these panniers seem well-equipped to cater to various needs, offering functionality, ample space, and ease of use for riders looking to carry sizable loads or diverse items on their GSD bike.

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