Tern Storm Box Mini

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  • The Storm Box Mini is a versatile and weather-protected accessory designed to enhance your cycling experience, whether you're carrying passengers or cargo. Here are some key features and information about the Storm Box Mini:

    1. Passenger and Cargo Transport: The Storm Box Mini is designed to be versatile, capable of carrying either passengers or cargo. It can accommodate one child in or out of a child seat, providing a weather-protected space for them. Additionally, it has a substantial cargo capacity, capable of carrying up to 100 liters of cargo, making it convenient for transporting various items.

    2. Convenient Loading: This accessory makes carrying long and odd-shaped objects easy. You can simply toss them into the roomy interior of the Storm Box Mini, making it a practical solution for transporting a wide range of items.

    3. Weather Protection: The Storm Box Mini includes two weather-resistant lids. The Cargo Lid Mini is lockable and designed to protect your cargo from rain and prying eyes. The Kid Lid Mini is specifically designed to keep young passengers warm and cozy, even on bad-weather days, ensuring their comfort and safety.

    4. Inner Pockets: The Storm Box Mini features five inner pockets, providing convenient storage for snacks, water bottles, kids' devices, and other small items. This organization helps keep essentials easily accessible during your ride.

    5. Safety Features: To enhance safety, the accessory includes rear loops for attaching safety lights. This additional visibility feature helps boost your presence on the road, making your rides safer, especially in low-light conditions.

    6. Installation: The Storm Box Mini requires the Clubhouse Mini for installation. It is part of the Clubhouse Fort Mini, which provides an all-weather protected compartment for a child passenger. Proper installation ensures that the accessory functions effectively and securely.

    In summary, the Storm Box Mini is a versatile and weather-protected accessory that can be used for carrying passengers or cargo on your bike. Its roomy interior, weather-resistant lids, storage pockets, and safety features make it a valuable addition for cyclists looking to transport their children or various items while ensuring their comfort and protection from the elements.

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