Riese and Muller Superdelite GT Rohloff

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  • The Superdelite appears to emphasize not only power and extended range but also safety, comfort, and adaptability in various riding conditions. Its integration of technology and focus on rider experience make it suitable for longer rides while ensuring a high level of safety and visibility.

    Power and Battery:

    • DualBattery System: Combines a 500 Wh battery in the top tube with a 625 Wh battery in the down tube for a total capacity of 1125 Wh.

    • Extended Range: Provides a longer range, reducing the need for frequent charging breaks during long rides.

    • Integration and Balance: Batteries are fully integrated into the design and positioned to maintain the bike's balance. They can be easily removed when necessary.

    Control Technology:

    • Full-Suspension Control Technology Chassis: Offers a balanced and comfortable riding experience.

    • Rear Swing Arm Suspension: Ensures traction and a sporty riding experience even at higher speeds.

    • Magura Disc Brakes: Provides powerful braking capabilities for enhanced safety.

    Light Technology:

    • Supernova M99 Mini Pro Headlamp: Ultra-bright with main-beam function for excellent night visibility and increased daytime visibility.

    • Supernova M99 Tail Light: Bright brake light ensuring safety, especially during braking.

    Integrated Cockpit:

    • Cockpit Display Options: Offers various display options like Kiox display, Bosch SmartphoneHub, Nyon display, and Intuvia display, all seamlessly integrated into the handlebar with clean cable routing.

    • Adjustable Stem: Allows for adaptation to different riding positions, offering both comfort and sportiness.

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