O2feel Amplitude 7.1

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  • Amplitude Electric Mountain Bikes: Versatile, Reliable, and Comfortable

    Experience the freedom of exploring mountainous regions with the Amplitude e-MTB. Designed to be your perfect companion for all-terrain adventures, this bike features a powerful Shimano motor that adapts to your riding style, ensuring every trip is a satisfying experience.

    Wherever You Go – No Need for a Road

    Why set limits where there shouldn't be any? With the Enduro Soar E-MTB, you can conquer all trails and overcome the toughest obstacles effortlessly. Its Shimano EP8, 85 Nm motor, paired with the integrated iPowerPack Advanced 720 Wh battery, delivers the power you need to climb mountains with ease and be the first to arrive. The battery offers up to 240 km of autonomy and is secured by an aluminum plate, providing robust protection. This full-suspension bike is a technological marvel, designed to give you maximum thrills and sensations on every ride.

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