Suspension Stem - Kinekt with 100mmx30 degree high rise - 31.8mm clamp

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  • Introducing our innovative features:

    • Enhanced Comfort and Control: Enjoy 15-20mm of travel, providing a comfortable and controlled riding experience.

    • Vibration Reduction: Drastically reduces high-frequency vibrations caused by uneven terrains, ensuring a smooth ride.

    • Customizable Springs: Comes with 3 different springs (Soft, Medium - Installed, and Firm) catering to your preferred riding style and terrain. Easily interchangeable!

    • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of handlebars (shims may be needed for some bars), ensuring a seamless fit.

    • Optimal Balance: Designed for balance, ensuring that any additional weight is imperceptible. Your control and steering remain uncompromised.

    • Lightweight Design: Remarkably lighter than traditional suspension forks, enhancing your overall riding experience.

    • Vertical Compliance: Experience enhanced comfort and safety with vertical movement that doesn’t alter your riding position even during intense braking. Gain confidence in any riding conditions.

    • Revolutionary Ergonomics: Specifically crafted to alleviate arm, wrist, and shoulder discomfort. This adjustable and compact design is built to endure, providing the ultimate upgrade for your riding pleasure.


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