Duo Stand Ends

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  • The DuoStand Ends are accessories designed to enhance the functionality and stability of your DuoStand kickstand, particularly for Gen 1 DuoStand models. Here are some key features and information about the DuoStand Ends:

    1. Enhanced Stability: The DuoStand Ends come with grippy rubber caps that serve to widen the base of support of your DuoStand kickstand. This added width enhances stability, making it more reliable when parking your bike, especially on uneven surfaces.

    2. Floor Protection: The rubber caps on the ends not only boost stability but also help prevent floor scratches when you park your bike indoors. This protective feature ensures that your flooring remains in good condition.

    3. Height-Adjustable: The DuoStand Ends are height-adjustable, allowing you to switch out your bike's tires while keeping the stand in place. This feature is particularly useful when you need to change your tires, such as installing winter tires.

    4. Replacement Parts: The DuoStand Ends are available as replacement parts. If you lose or wear out the original ends that came with your Gen 1 DuoStand, you can easily replace them with these ends, extending the life and functionality of your kickstand.

    5. Compatibility: The DuoStand Ends are compatible with both Gen 1 and Gen 2 DuoStand kickstands. This compatibility ensures that you can use them to upgrade your Gen 1 DuoStand and enjoy the added stability and benefits they provide.

    6. For Heavier Loads: For those carrying the heaviest loads on their bikes, Tern recommends adding the Lockstand Extensions for maximum stability. These extensions, in combination with the DuoStand Ends, offer robust support for heavy cargo or passengers.

    In summary, the DuoStand Ends are valuable accessories that can enhance the stability and usability of your DuoStand kickstand, especially for Gen 1 models. They widen the base of support, protect indoor flooring, and are height-adjustable for convenience. Whether you're upgrading your Gen 1 DuoStand or need replacement parts, these ends provide an effective solution to improve the performance of your kickstand.

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