Tern Cargo Tray

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  • The Cargo Tray is a robust and generously sized cargo platform designed to sit atop your bike's rear rack, effectively transforming your bicycle into a versatile cargo-hauling machine. Here are the key features and benefits of the Cargo Tray:

    1. Hefty L-Shaped Tray: The Cargo Tray features an L-shaped design, providing a substantial and flat platform for carrying cargo. This design is particularly well-suited for transporting extra-large items that may not fit in a traditional crate or basket.

    2. Roomy Platform: The roomy platform of the Cargo Tray allows you to haul bulky and oversized items that might be impractical to transport using other storage solutions. Examples include coolers filled with cold drinks, stacks of jumbo pizza boxes, or large household items like a microwave.

    3. Impressive Weight Capacity: This cargo tray is built to handle heavy loads, with a maximum weight capacity of 30 kg (66 lb). This substantial capacity makes it suitable for a wide range of cargo-hauling needs.

    4. Safety and Performance Tested: The Cargo Tray has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its safety and performance. It is ISO-11243 certified, meeting internationally recognized standards for bicycle luggage carriers.

    5. Vertical Parking Compatibility: The design of the Cargo Tray ensures that it won't interfere with vertical parking, allowing you to store your bike in a space-efficient manner when it's not in use.

    6. Lightweight Durability: Despite its strength and capacity, the Cargo Tray is constructed from oversized aluminum tubing, which provides both durability and a lightweight design. This ensures that your bike remains easy to handle even with the Cargo Tray installed.

    In summary, the Cargo Tray is a versatile and robust cargo-hauling accessory for your bike. Its spacious L-shaped platform, impressive weight capacity, safety certifications, and lightweight construction make it an excellent choice for transporting oversized and heavy items, effectively turning your bicycle into a practical and efficient cargo-carrying solution.

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