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  • Compatible with BDU37YY; Includes ConnectModule and a 100 mm display cable; Comes with operating and installation instructions.

    The Bosch ConnectModule retrofit kit is a practical addition for e-bikes with Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System and Cargo Line Smart System drives from model year 2022.
    As a GPS tracker, it enables precise location of the e-bike. This way you can check the location of your e-bike at any time and make sure that it is still exactly where it should be.

    But the ConnectModule can do even more, because it also serves as a reliable e-bike alarm system. In the event of minor vibrations, it triggers an acoustic warning signal, while an alarm and a push-up notification are sent via the eBike flow app* in the event of larger movements. This way you know immediately what is happening with your e-bike and can act quickly in the event of theft.

    The Bosch ConnectModule is installed discreetly under the design cover of the e-bike motor and also has its own integrated battery so that it continues to function even when the e-bike battery is removed.

    • System-integrated e-bike GPS tracker
    • For pedelecs with Bosch Performance Line CX & Cargo Line Smart System drive (BDU37YY, from model year 2022)
    • Precise location transmission in the eBike Flow App*.
    • Invisible plug-n-play mounting on the motor**
    • Automatic theft detection and acoustic alarm signals
    • Integrated rechargeable battery for independence from the e-bike battery

    Please check the mounting situation and compatibility before retrofitting the ConnectModule. We recommend having the ConnectModule installed by a specialist!

    Part number: EB13200014
    Barcode: 4054289006457
    Product code; BOS EB13200014

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