Start this year with a fresh approach to transport. Getting to childcare, playgroups, kindergarten and school is going to be FUN.

No more struggle getting all of those monkeys into the car, finding a park, getting everyone out. Screaming, whining, complaining, food bribing, sibling rivalling. This is the year it’s going to be different!

From now there are screams of laughter, giggles, fresh air, conversations, sight-seeing your neighbourhood. Parking where you need to be. Happy kids and happy parents. Closer to nature, and enjoying each other. From now on your tribe is cycling!

Feel the joy, and get your zoo into a cargo bike. Call us today to book your test ride; 045 8858 713

Over 9 different bikes to try, and all are in stock, getting you ready for the first school run of the year!

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