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eBike subscriptions are here!

eBike Subscription now avilable in Melbourne!

The Dutch Cargo Subscription Program makes it very easy for you and/or your family to start riding a Premium Quality European eBike at a low weekly cost.

We offer a curated selection of eBikes and eCargobikes purposely designed for daily use, commuting and/or transporting children. Replacing car trips one-by-one!

Life has never been better, we promise your family will be wildly enthusiastic cruising through parks, past traffic and make your daily transport a truly quality time experience.

Subscribers benefit from regular maintenance to ensure the eBikes remain in optimal condition throughout the subscription period, coupled with the security of insurance coverage.

Discounted pricing is exclusively available for individuals whose children attend specific kindergartens and daycare centers identified in collaboration with the Melbourne City Council until the end of March. You can find a list of participating Child Care Centers here.


How easy is the process?

It's very easy just follow below steps:

Step 1: Select Model - eBike and eCargobikes, Front or Rear Loading models.

Step 2: Application - apply in 3-5 minutes online.

Step 3: Approval (can take up to 24-48 hours to process)- follow payment link, take home delivery including a free 45 minute induction.

Step 4: Start riding - with confidence.

Our dedicated team are always available to support.


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