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Organize a Ride to School Day with Ease and Enjoy a Special Offer on Family Bikes!

Are you interested in organizing a Ride to School Day but unsure where to start? National Ride to School Day, on March 22, 2024, is a fantastic opportunity to promote the benefits of active transport to school, including riding, walking, and scooting. This event can bring your school community together to support health, the environment, and even learning.

Key Steps to Get Started:

Start Small: Even a few extra riders, walkers, or scooters can make a big impact.
Engage the School: Ensure the school is on board and has a representative involved in organizing the day.
Match the Scale: Tailor the event to your resources.
Share the Load: Enlist a group of helpers to make planning easier and more enjoyable.
Be Inclusive: Encourage various forms of active travel, including walking, scooting, and public transport.
Involve Everyone: Ride to School Day is not just for students but also for parents, carers, and teachers.
Tailor for High Schools: Adjust your approach to suit the needs and interests of high school students.
Consider Timing: If March 22 doesn't work, think about combining Ride to School Day with Walk to School Day in May.

Special Offer:

Enjoy a discount on our family bikes for all orders before Ride2School Day on March 22nd! Use the code R2S5 at the check out to get 5% off your family eBike

Ride2School Day is about more than just getting to school on two wheels. It's about building a healthier, happier community, one ride at a time.

Getting Started: Key Tips


  1. Do Some Research: Find supporters within the school and local community.
  2. Engage with Your School: Highlight the benefits and gain support from the school's leadership.
  3. Pick a Date: Choose a date that works for your school community.
  4. Register Your School: Sign up on the Bicycle Network website for support and resources.
  5. Rally the Troops: Gather volunteers from parents, teachers, and students.
  6. Involve Students: Engage students in planning and activities.
  7. Make a Plan: Create a working group to plan the day's activities.


  1. Visibility: Promote the event with posters and announcements around the school.
  2. Order Refreshments: Arrange for healthy snacks for participants.
  3. Finalize Helpers: Confirm volunteers and brief them on their roles.
  4. Share Safety Messages: Remind participants to wear helmets and check their bikes.


  1. Early Setup: Arrive early to set up and ensure everything is ready.
  2. Conduct Surveys: Gather data on how participants got to school.
  3. Record the Day: Take photos to share online and celebrate achievements.


  1. Share Results: Send survey results to Bicycle Network and local council.
  2. Collect Lessons Learned: Gather feedback to improve future events.
  3. Share Success: Share photos and stories with the school community, politicians, and media.

More info: Bicycle Network: Ride2School info

Organizing a Ride to School Day is a fantastic way to promote active travel and build a sense of community within your school. Start planning today and make a positive impact on the health and well-being of your students and the environment. 

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