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What do kids really need this Christmas?

Every year, the familiar question arises: "What do the kids want for Christmas?" And every time, I find myself without a concrete answer.

This holiday season, I've resolved to veer away from gifting my kids things they don't truly need or that will fade into oblivion within a week. Instead, I want to show them love and unveil the vast world awaiting beyond our doorstep. So, when asked what my kids desire for Christmas this year, I'll reveal what they genuinely need.

  1. Embrace the outdoors Like many kids, mine spend limited time outdoors during the school week. The after-school hours are swallowed by homework, video games, dinner, and indoor activities. A cargo bike or a family bike set would be a splendid gift, encouraging us all to venture outside more frequently. Exploring trails, parks, and neighborhoods on a bike ride could become our new cherished family time.

  2. Cherish moments with loved ones Take them for a bike ride to the local ice cream parlor or through nature trails. Snuggle up with them on chilly afternoons, read a book, or bake cookies together. Dedicate an afternoon to their favorite movie or teach them a beloved board game. It's not the activity itself that matters most; it's the precious moments spent with someone they adore.

  3. Foster connections with distant family and friends Compose a vibrant email engaging my kids about their lives while sharing snippets of yours. Consider recording a video reading a story or sharing a playful clip featuring your pet. Let's arrange a video call so you can witness their growth and they can glimpse into your world. In an era of advanced technology, distance need not hinder our connections. Our famly is far away (in the Netherlands), and it is important they feel connected to cousins, nana and extened family.

  4. Embrace the magic of mail. Who doesn’t delight in receiving snail mail? Send my kids a postcard from your travels or a heartfelt letter; observe how swiftly they respond. Share a handful of pictures they can proudly display on their wall. The simple sight of their name on an envelope ignites excitement—an effortless yet impactful gift.

  5. Cultivate their love for reading Books adorn every corner of our home, yet distractions often deter my kids from diving into them. Consider a subscription to a biking magazine, providing monthly anticipation, or share one of your cherished childhood books. We have set up a summer reading competition in our house, where they can earn $ per book with a max of $$ per family. I know...it sounds a lot like bribing, but well it works!

  6. Honor your commitments When you promise a visit or schedule a bike outing, follow through. My kids, still unfamiliar with the idea that adults sometimes falter on their word, take every commitment to heart. So, when you say, “We’ll catch up soon,” please mean it. They need reassurance that your words carry weight—and so do I.

Emmy xx


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