Tern Bicycles Child Transport - Dutch Cargo (AU)

Tern Bicycles Child Transport

Looking for what you need to carry your child or children safely on a Tern GSD Bike? Look no further, we have made the perfect combo for you.

The Tern Clubhouse+ will allow the children to sit protected (in a child seat or just on a pad) The Tern storm box and storm shield will keep them dry and warm. The wide decks give room for feet and also the stom box to rest on a sturdy platform.

The Tern lockstend extentions and quadstruts give extra stability while lifting kids on and off the bike.

Extra bags can be carried on the Tern transporter rack, and your phone and wallet can live in the ridepocket on your handlebar!

This is the perfect set up for you and your family, and the whole package is discounted! 

Want to order? Check out the GSD LX and Child Package


This package is designed to fit up to two kids, in or out of child seats, with a maximum recommended height of 140 cm. And extra room to carry bags on the front rack and your phone and wallet in a convenient spot in the ride-pocket on your handlebar.

This package includes the following:

  • Clubhouse+
  • Storm box
  • Storm shield
  • Wide decks
  • Lock stand extentions
  • Lockstand quadstruts
  • Transporter rack
  • Ride pocket 
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