Nihola Large - Super Mum Caroline - Dutch Cargo (AU)

Nihola Large - Super Mum Caroline

My family have been so pleased with our decision to buy the Nihola 4.0 earlier this year. I have a physical condition which stops me from walking long distances.

As the start of school got closer for our 5 year old, I knew I was physically going to struggle with the school run twice a day with a baby in a pram and a 4 year old, despite living less than a kilometre from the school.  Driving wasn’t an option, as parking at the school was limited, I would have had to park a distance away, lift the pram out of the car and still walk.  Two weeks into the school year, I was struggling.  Each weekend, I wasn’t able to take the children on outings as I stayed home to recover to make it through the following week.  Things had to change.  We initially purchased the Nihola 4.0 to do the school run.  Having never cycled in Melbourne before, I was nervous to do more than that, but once I realised how safe and easy to manoeuvre the bike is, we soon started riding to childcare as well.  Then, I was choosing to use the bike for more and more outings and errands. 

The car sits in the driveway.


My children love the bike. They chat, sing and laugh. Our baby sits facing her 2 older sisters and is constantly entertained. People can hear us coming! It’s so much more enjoyable and positive than driving. I was often refereeing arguments that had broken out in the back seat. On the bike, they can see and interact with so much more of their world. People wave to them and talk to them about their bike. Tram drivers ding their bell and wave as they go past. My children love hearing other kids say to their parents as we ride past, ‘That is such a cool bike!’ Just this morning, another cyclist pulled up next to us and told my children how lucky they are … and they are. The Nihola 4.0 is allowing us to make amazing family memories for our children. The 4th seat allows us to take an extra friend, which is something we can’t do in our car.

My only concern prior to buying the Nihola 4.0 was riding safely. I’m not a risk taker and I can honestly say I have never felt unsafe while riding with my children. The bike is highly visible. Vehicle Drivers are so enamoured with it that they slow to take a look, or let us through. It’s very stable and easy to ride. The design makes is easy to steer, even when fully loaded. When I have 4 children & their bags onboard, I can be peddling an additional 100kg. The bike’s electric system copes beautifully. I’ve had many people refer to me as Supermum as I pass with a full load of children. I wink and smile.

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