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Carla Cargo review by Lime Micromobility

Lime, the world’s largest shared micromobility operator, has been using the Carla Cargo e-trailer with their Lime Gen 4 e-bike to swap batteries and repair vehicles across their fleet of e-bikes and e-scooters in Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast.

“The Carla Cargo has been fantastic as it has allowed us to move away from fossil fuel powered vans, and to a considerably more nimble and environmentally friendly option. The move from vans to the trailer has meant that our teams can complete 15-30% more tasks per hour in the metro area, as we don’t need to worry about finding a parking space or sitting in traffic. Overall, the move to a Carla Cargo has reduced our cost per battery swap by 30-40%. As we come into summer we will be moving more of our operational fleet towards the Carla Cargo.”
- Hugo Burt-Morris, Regional General Manager Australia & New Zealand

“The Carla Cargo is very easy to use and the team loves to ride it. It can handle plenty of weight, so we can load it up with our swappable batteries and it still leaves space to include tools and extra helmets. The team finds it easy to ride around the city as it has electric assistance. It’s great for events at the MCG in Melbourne or SCG in Sydney, as with events we can’t get vans in to swap batteries or move vehicles. The Carla Cargo allows us to get in and out and move throughout the crowd with ease. “ - Lara Nickless, Operations Manager, Victoria

“Carla Cargo is simply perfect for battery transport. With her low center of gravity and the overrun brakes it makes any battery transport a safe and fun ride to deliver” - Markus Bergmann, Carla Cargo

Dutch Cargo proudly serves as the exclusive distributor of Carla Cargo trailers in the vibrant landscapes of Australia and New Zealand. These meticulously crafted German-made trailers redefine convenience and sustainability in cargo transportation. Whether you're a business looking for a versatile logistics solution or an individual seeking an eco-friendly way to carry loads, Carla Cargo delivers.

“What sets Carla Cargo apart is its flexible accessibility – you can lease, subscribe, rent, or purchase these innovative trailers through Dutch Cargo Bike. With an array of options tailored to your specific needs, the freedom to choose how you transport goods has never been more convenient. Contact Dutch Cargo Bike today to schedule a demonstration and experience firsthand the future of cargo mobility”. - Jurgen Heikamp, Managing Director, Dutch Cargo ANZ

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