i:SY Award Winning Bikes - Made in Germany - Dutch Cargo (AU)

i:SY Award Winning Bikes - Made in Germany

Iconic Design Meets Unparalleled Quality: The i:SY Experience

When it comes to the perfect blend of iconic design, vibrant colors, and top-notch quality, i:SY stands head and shoulders above the rest. Each i:SY model not only showcases a timeless, colorful, and award-winning design but also embodies the epitome of quality craftsmanship. Every detail, meticulously thought out, culminates in a flawless vehicle concept that not only pleases our esteemed i:SY community but has also received accolades in multiple prestigious tests. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable achievements that make i:SY bikes truly exceptional.

E5 ZR F (2022): A Testimony to Excellence

The E5 ZR F (2022) model has garnered accolades, including a "Very Good" rating in the FOCUS 2021/22 e-bike test. This recognition is a testament to its superior performance, innovative features, and overall excellence. Additionally, it clinched the top position as the Velomotion Readers' Choice, solidifying its popularity among riders.

E5 ZR F DI2 (2022): Setting New Standards

The E5 ZR F DI2 (2022) model redefines expectations, earning first place in the BIKE BILD Test 2021. Its exceptional performance, coupled with cutting-edge technology, impressed both experts and enthusiasts alike. Furthermore, it was honored with the prestigious Plus X Award in multiple categories, including High Quality, User Convenience, Functionality, Ergonomics, and Design. This recognition underscores its remarkable blend of functionality and aesthetics.


CARGO N3.8 ZR (2022): Where Innovation Meets Utility

The CARGO N3.8 ZR (2022) model has proven its worth by securing a "Very Good" rating in the FOCUS 2021/22 e-bike test. Its innovative features and excellent performance have garnered widespread acclaim. Moreover, it claimed the top position in the Velomotion Readers' Choice awards, further solidifying its reputation as a leader in the e-bike category.


At i:SY, we take immense pride in not just creating bikes, but crafting experiences. Our commitment to superior quality, innovative design, and outstanding performance shines through in every i:SY model. Join our community of riders and experience the unmatched pleasure of cycling on an i:SY bike — where style, quality, and performance converge seamlessly. Ride with i:SY and elevate your cycling journey to a whole new level.


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