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Explore Melbourne's Charms: A Dutch Cargo and Blue Tongue Bikes Adventure!


Are you ready to discover the enchanting city of Melbourne in a whole new way? Look no further than Dutch Cargo and our esteemed partners, Blue Tongue Bikes, as we take you on an unforgettable cycling adventure through Melbourne's vibrant streets. Whether you're a local eager to explore your city from a fresh perspective or a visitor keen on immersing yourself in Melbourne's unique culture, our joint venture promises an enriching experience like no other.

Why Choose Dutch Cargo and Blue Tongue Bikes?

At Dutch Cargo, we're passionate about providing sustainable and convenient cycling solutions that enhance your daily life. Teaming up with Blue Tongue Bikes, Melbourne's premier bike rental and tour shop, we offer you a seamless blend of Dutch cycling heritage and expert local guidance. Together, we bring you the perfect synergy of style, functionality, and storytelling.

Introducing the Urban Arrow: Your Dutch Cargo Experience in Melbourne

We're thrilled to introduce our signature cargo bike, the Urban Arrow, to the lively streets of Melbourne through our partnership with Blue Tongue Bikes. This elegant and practical cargo bike adds a touch of Dutch ingenuity to your urban adventures. With Blue Tongue Bikes as our trusted partners, you can now experience the Urban Arrow's versatility and comfort while exploring Melbourne's hidden gems.

Why the Urban Arrow?

  • Versatility: The Urban Arrow boasts a spacious cargo compartment, perfect for 3 kids, luggage, or even your four-legged companion.
  • Sustainability: Embrace eco-friendly transportation with the Urban Arrow's pedal-assist system, reducing your environmental impact as you navigate the city.
  • Comfort: Enjoy smooth rides thanks to the Urban Arrow's advanced ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable journey on Melbourne's diverse terrain.
  • Safety: Equipped with reliable brakes, a sturdy frame, and integrated lighting, the Urban Arrow prioritizes your safety, making every ride secure and worry-free.

Your Dutch Cargo and Blue Tongue Bikes Adventure Awaits

Ready to embark on a unique cycling journey through Melbourne? Visit our partnered Blue Tongue Bikes shop and experience the Urban Arrow's charm firsthand. Whether you choose to join one of Blue Tongue Bikes' guided tours or explore at your own pace, you're guaranteed an enriching experience filled with stories, laughter, and the joy of discovering Melbourne's hidden treasures.

So, gear up, hop on an Urban Arrow, and let the adventure unfold! Melbourne's charm is just a pedal away, and with Dutch Cargo and Blue Tongue Bikes as your guides, every ride is a memorable exploration. Happy cycling! 🚲✨


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