Buy, Rent, Subscribe - Dutch Cargo (AU)

Buy, Rent, Subscribe

At Dutch Cargo there are different options when choosing to ride your e (cargo) bike.

  • Try a bike at the Melbourne Expercience Centre
  • If that is too far for you, no problem, we have many bikes available at ambassadors to try around the country
  • After trying some options, you might want to try a bike in your daily life. We have trial bikes you can try for 1-2 weeks for a small rental price, which will be deducted from your invoice if you decide to buy a bike
  • Looking to rent a bike? No worries, we rent all our ebikes except front-loading bikes. This goes through studio19, they have a minimum rent of 6 months, and you can buy the bike at any time for a reduced price.
  • Wanting to lease a bike through? Our sister company Urban Mobility is the perfect way to go.
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