Exploring the Future: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Electric Cargo & eBikes of 2023 - Dutch Cargo (AU)

Exploring the Future: Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Electric Cargo & eBikes of 2023

Discover the ideal electric cargo bike tailored to your unique needs and preferences with our curated guide to the top 10 options in the market. Whether you're a city commuter, a thrill-seeking adventurer, or a budget-conscious rider with a need for cargo space, our comprehensive list caters to diverse lifestyles and preferences. From powerful off-road cargo bikes for outdoor enthusiasts to sleek urban designs ideal for daily commuting and carrying heavy loads, we've researched and compiled the most efficient cargo eBikes, making your decision easier. Embrace the future of cycling with a cargo eBike that enhances your riding experience and seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.


1. Commute in the city, best bike

    i:SY N3.8 $8995

    The N3.8 ZR stands out as the customer favorite, celebrated for its practical stepless switching mechanism. This innovative eBike boasts a state-of-the-art ENVIOLO 3.8 hub, paired with an easy-care toothed belt drive, ensuring a smooth and efficient ride. Powered by the dynamic BOSCH Performance Line drive with 75 Nm, it's the perfect choice for both avid riders and casual cyclists tackling flat to hilly terrains. What sets it apart is the integration of the cutting-edge BOSCH Smart System, seamlessly connecting the display, control unit, and motor to your smartphone through the intuitive ebike Flow app, ushering you into the digital e-bike realm. The N3.8 ZR also features cross-series equipment elements like disc brakes, providing added safety and control. Moreover, it offers unparalleled convenience with features like the Speedlifter Twist, enabling handlebar adjustment both in height and rotation by 90 degrees, all without the need for tools. And for added security, it comes equipped with an ABUS frame lock that securely fastens both the frame and battery. With its powerful motor and innovative components, including the continuously variable ENVIOLO 3.8 hub gear and low-maintenance GATES® CDX Centertrack toothed belt drive, the N3.8 ZR promises an exceptional riding experience for all enthusiasts.

    2. Commute in the city, best price

      iSwan City Boost 6.1 $3999

      Stylish, reliable and powerful, this iSwan gives you a glimpse of a standard that exceeds your expectations.

      This version 6.1 is your entry key to the iSwan Boost series. Sleek and efficient, its low-step aluminum frame and integrated battery provide stable and balanced handling. Our iSwan is a feast for the eyes with its leather handles and saddle as well as its unmistakable design. Not to mention the pleasure of driving it thanks to its powerful and light E6100 engine coupled to an 8-speed Altus derailleur which will give you a pleasant feeling of driving. With its devastating look and modernity, you will not be able to resist!

      3. Second car replacement, best specs

      Riese & Muller Load4 75 from $14,345

      The Load4 75 E-Cargo bike is a game-changer for urban biking, seamlessly combining riding dynamics with ample loading capacity. It can safely carry up to three young children and meets safety regulations. With advanced Control Technology and full suspension, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride, even at higher speeds. Its spacious cargo area adapts to various needs, from groceries to family outings. Safety features include optional ABS brakes and excellent lighting. The bike is adjustable for different rider heights, making it an ideal solution for families seeking versatile riding experiences.

      In essence, the Load4 75 revolutionizes E-Cargo biking, uniting performance and adaptability. It transforms urban mobility, offering functionality, enjoyment, and versatility in one package.

      4. Second car replacement, best price

      Bakfiets.nl eCruiser $7995

      The Bakfiets Cruiser Cargo Bike is a healthy alternative way of transport with limitless applications such as safe child transport, grocery shopping, commercial purposes, touring around the block, going to the beach for a BBQ, carrying your pet and many more. Flat foot technology and perfectly balanced geometry gives you the feeling you are flying.

      Often copied, this is the original child-carrying bike of its type, and the most successful commercially to date. Thousands of families worldwide are enjoying this bike daily. It is a modern design classic, whose proven durable charm and fitness of purpose make it a conservative investment, commanding a high resale value after the kids outgrow it. The Dutch have proven through the years that the Bakfiets Cargo Bike is a fun and functional.

       5. School run & family, best specs

      Urban Arrow Cargo Plus $14,995

      Celebrate freedom and convenience with the Cargo Bike of the Year – the Urban Arrow Family Cargo Plus. Glide through traffic with confidence, thanks to its light frame, electric pedal assistance, and stepless gear shifting, ensuring a delightful riding experience. Safety is paramount with lowered children's seating and a sturdy three-point belt, while the expanded polypropylene (EPP) box provides all-around protection for your precious cargo. Versatility is key, offering optional accessories like a front bench, rain cover, or Maxi-Cosi adapter, allowing you to tailor the bike to your family's needs. This investment in freedom eliminates worries about schedules, grocery runs, or trips, letting you effortlessly navigate the city or explore nature. Plus, enjoy added comfort with the Brooks saddle and sprung seat post. Powered by Bosch's Cargo Line motor, it effortlessly handles heavy loads, coupled with a low-maintenance Gates Belt drive for smooth rides. Say goodbye to the car and embrace a new era of family biking adventures!

      6. School run & family, best price

      Equo 7.1 $7999

      With the O2feel Family 7.1, transporting with ease and simplicity has never been so much fun. This two-wheeled mini-van, equipped with a powerful Shimano EP8 Cargo motor specially designed for e-cargo bikes, its battery and Gates belt, robust and maintenance-free, make it the carrier bike par excellence. By developing it, we made the promise to transform your family outings into unique adventures. Not to mention entrepreneurs who can easily transform the Equo according to their needs. Aboard this versatile, stable and powerful bike, opt for the ultimate feeling of freedom. The amazing sturdy rear carrier can carry up to 80kg, making it easy to carry 2 kids and their school bags.

      7. Adventure bike, best specs

      Desiknio X20 $11,995

      Desiknio's X20 e-gravel bike redefines electric cycling with its advanced X20 Mahle SmartBike system and lightweight carbon fiber monocoque frame. Why choose Desiknio? Our European-engineered e-bikes combine cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and unmatched craftsmanship. Each bike offers a comfortable, assisted ride, available in various models, sizes, and colors. We're dedicated to sustainable transport solutions, evidenced by our partnership with Ebikemotion® and a strategic alliance with Stromer in 2022. Desiknio e-bikes stand out for their minimalist design, high-quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a premium riding experience. Join us on the journey towards innovative Greentech mobility.

      8. Adventure, best price

      Vern Adventure 8.1 $4445

      The inaccessible will become easy on the handlebars of the Vern Adventure. This adventure version is equipped with large studded tires, adapted and shock-resistant mudguards and an integrated iPowerPack 432 or 720 battery, offering up to 240 km of autonomy for your escapes on steep paths. With its powerful Shimano EP8 motor and SR Suntour fork sharpened for all situations, hold your breath, you will find yourself going beyond what you imagined!

      Riding this Vern Adventure will make the unattainable easy. This powerful, shock-resistant version will take you to the top.
      It’s time to make your dreams come true.

      9. All round, best specs

      Riese & Muller Nevo $8988

      The Nevo4 emerges as a stellar choice for everyday riders, seamlessly blending style, power, and practicality. Its eye-catching design, featuring a low step-through frame, ensures easy handling in any situation. Powered by the robust Bosch Performance Line CX motor delivering 85 Nm of torque, the Nevo4 offers sporty acceleration, complemented by a fully integrated 625 Wh battery, ensuring worry-free journeys. For extended trips, an optional 750 Wh battery is available. Rider comfort takes center stage with a suspension seatpost and a user-friendly deep step-through frame. The bike boasts smart features, including an adjustable stem, smart cockpit options, and a versatile MIK system for easy accessory customization. Safety is paramount, thanks to options like Bosch eBike ABS 2.0 and Magura disc brakes, ensuring secure rides even in challenging conditions. With its off-road variant and enhanced illumination, the Nevo4 caters to diverse riding needs, making it the ideal companion for every biking adventure. In essence, the Nevo4 redefines electric biking, offering a perfect blend of comfort, versatility, and safety for riders across various scenarios.

      10. Do it all, best price

      iSwan Adventure $4445

      Behind our Adventure Boost 6.1 model hides the essence of an adventurer with its Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB-type MTB tires and its semi-open frame rigid enough to tackle bumpy trails and paths. Versatile and powerful thanks to its Shimano E6100 motor and its integrated iPowerPack 432 and 540 battery, this all-road DNA bike will take you dynamically on all your outings. It is designed to cycle the kilometers with comfort thanks to its gripping handles, its gel saddle and its Suntour fork, but also with safety thanks to its Shimano MT200 brakes, efficient and responsive. You are now ready to find the best natural spots!



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