Ambassador - Dutch Cargo (AU) Ambassador

Robert knew he’d made the right decision as he saw the smile on Edwin’s face when buckled in for their first ride together. The cargobike has been a central part of father-son time together ever since, packed with joy and adventure. The everyday ride to childcare, kindy and now school is something special to look forward to. The ride is full of familiarity, yet discovery abounds as the seasons, colours and creatures change around them. What’s more, the cargobike brings a new sense of community as they say hi to the growing family of cargobike buddies across the city.

These two have been riding together across Bendigo starting community rides, volunteering, adding murals to bike paths to make sharing a ride more fun. They’ve even dressed up the cargobike as a space shuttle, a yarn-bombed delight, a fire truck, the Batmobile and with lights at night! When they’re not on adventures, you’ll find these two picking up some shopping or hauling all sorts of things across town or from the hardware store. There’s never a dull moment as a ride together is the best fun ever!

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