We categorized the top 5 “secret” beaches that you can reach with your cargo bike. Because let’s be honest, nobody likes spending hours in a hot car looking for a parking spot near the beach that costs you a fortune. With a cargo bike, you simply put everything you need in the box and your family can get as close to their favourite beach spot as they want! Now, let’s dive in to our top 5 beaches per state in Australia.



  1. Ninety Mile Beach, or better yet, Golden Beach

Golden Beach is a small settlement situated on the Ninety Mile Beach in Gippsland Victoria. The beaches there offer long distances for walking and fishing, but are not patrolled. It has kangaroos on the golf course, a playground near the shops and a lookout deck near the ocean beach.

  1. Kitty Miller Bay

With only space for 20 cars in their parking lot, this is a quiet spot and perfect to get to by cargo bike. Just in case the parking is full. It is a quite rocky area between Summerland Beach and Thorny Beach on Philip Island.

  1. Killarney Beach

Narrow, protected stretch of sand with typically calm waters, offering camping & picnicking options. Just a short distance from Port Fairy.

  1. Norman Beach

With the majority of people having to walk to this beach, and Squeaky Beach as the main tourist attraction, Norman Beach is the perfect place to relax on your bike packing holiday in Wilsons Promontory.

  1. Half Moon Bay

A lot closer to Melbourne centrum, but still far enough out for some peace and quiet is Half Moon Bay in the suburb of Black Rock. Intimate beach offering calm swimming waters, colourful cliffs & a nearby fish-&-chip restaurant. We know this, because we live very close by and this is our FAVORITE beach to go with our cargo bike. The reason it is on number five, is because it is not that secret anymore.

Golden Beach Victoria

Golden Beach, Victoria. Source: Tripadvisor



  1. Friendly Beaches

This is a rural beach located un Freycinet National Park. It is a spectacular white sandy beach with turquoise waters. The perfect beach in the perfect location for a day of exploring with your (cargo) bike.

  1. Lime Bay

A beautiful stretch of sand is tucked away well from the major road network, but you can still park your (cargo) bike much closer than any car ever could! It has lots of shady nooks, which is perfect for summer time with the little ones.

  1. Ocean Beach

This unpatrolled beach is beautiful for a day of relaxing. From the west coast of Tasmania, there is just the ocean as far as the eye can see. Hence, the name. The next stretch of land is South-America, how cool is that?!

  1. Hinsby Beach

Just 1km south from Taroona is this hideaway beach. Ideally you take the walking track there, since it will give you a glimpse of the wild nature that Tasmania has to offer.

  1. Snug Beach

If you like camping in a small town, consider Snug in Tasmania! Not only is the name adorable, but the beach is surrounded by greenery. We believe it is a dream holiday destination and the scenic bike route from Hobart is only two hours. Very easy to do when you have electric assist on your cargo bike.

Friendly Beaches

Friendly Beaches, Tasmania. Source: Tasmania.com


New South Wales

  1. Mungo Beach

This remote sandy beach is still the third longest beach in NSW. And one of the most dramatic! So, watch your little ones but definitely bring your surf board with you in your bike boot.

  1. Garie Beach

A wonderful place to enjoy a picnic and a swim. But since you have to pay $12 a day to park your car there, we suggest taking the bike trail for a change! This is a patrolled beach and more families will be here, but not too many since it is located in the lower Royal National Park.

  1. Dreamtime Beach

Fingal Head and Dreamtime Beach are located on gorgeous and secluded stretch of coastline. The ancient basalt rock formations give this that idyllic dream feel.

  1. Store Beach

Okay, we know this is very remote, since it is only accessible by kayak. But it is so stunning! You do not need to leave Australia to get that luxurious feeling of a quiet tropical beach. That is why we had to give it a spot in our top five, even if it is not reachable by bike.

  1. Manly Beach

If you want to stay close to Sydney, and you do not want to go crazy busy Bondi beach, we suggest Manly beach. It is great for surfing too, but less crowded. But if Manly is still too crowded for you, hop on your cargo bike and cycle a bit more south to Shelly Beach to enjoy the scenery in and out of the water.

Mungo Beach

Mungo Beach, NSW. Source: Where s Mildo



  1. Sunshine Beach

A popular stop for many travellers, but this is such an idyllic beach it has to be high on our list. The chilled beach front is set beneath a canopy of green trees and palms. Just 5km from Noosa Heads this destination is worth a visit with your cargo bike.

  1. Lake Birrabeen

Stop it Queensland! Your secluded beaches are to die for! Lake Birrabeen is located on Fraser Island, and even though it would be difficult for a cargo bike to make it there, the pure white sand and crystal clear lake water are just as magical as the more famous lakes on this island.

  1. Agnes Water

This location is patrolled by lifesavers during peak seasons and great for surf fanatics. It is Queensland’s most northern surf beach and last in a line of unspoiled beaches. Moreover, this town is also called the Town of 1770, great for a educational twist to your beach adventure.

  1. Alexandria Bay

It does take a 20min walk to get there and we are not sure if bringing your cargo bike along would be such a good idea, but at least the parking is free! Alexandria Bay is located in Noosa National park and thus a great stop for a quick swim on your holiday.

  1. Froggies Beach

The locals could not have thought of a better name for this beach at Snapper Rocks. It is a tiny beach, surrounded by greenery and scenery rock formations. Not many tourists know about this place, so if you want that dream destination beach, look no further.

Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach, QLD. Source: SURFSHOTS


South Australia

  1. Rapid Bay

Easily overlooked, Rapid Bay is nestled between long sandy beaches and towering cliffs. 105 Kilometres south from Adelaide, not many people give this beach the praise it deserves. The caves are magnificent, but to get there you need to walk a steep descending road.

  1. Maslin Beach

One of the prettiest beaches South Australia has to offer. Maintained in almost a pristine condition, which means that both the beach and the water are super clean. Who does not love a clean beach 42km from Adelaide?

  1. Memory Cove

This scenery located in Lincoln National Park is the dream for every nature lover. It even has three beaches to chose from. Memory Cove is the idyllic paradise destination that you will not regret visiting.

  1. Sellicks Beach

Located within the Adelaide metropolitan area, parking is actually allowed on the beach. So no need to carry your stuff out of your cargo bike before you can dip your toes in the sand. And who know… maybe you fall in love with the place and have a look at all the available properties around this place.

  1. Hallett Cove

Even closer to the city of Adelaide, you can find Hallett Cove. The geological sites are a treat for the eye. Walk barefoot on the beach pebbles and balance across the rocks, but of course it is also good for a swim.

Rapid Bay

Rapid Bay, SA. Source: southaustralia.com


Western Australia

  1. Lucky Bay

Bright, white sand and turquoise coloured waters are the formula to be on our list. But this place is not only our favourite – the local kangaroos have made this their hang-out spot. That is why you do have to pay a small fee to go on the beach, but it is one of Australia’s most iconic places and it lives up to it.

  1. Red Bluff Beach

A perfect place for whale watching and to take the bike instead of aiming to get a parking spot. It is a safe place to swim, snorkel, and has a backdrop of rust-hued bluffs. That scenery is where the name Red Bluff Beach comes from.

  1. Bennion Beach

Close to Perth city is this 300m long strip of high tide sand backed by irregular vegetated 10m high bluffs. It is not the safest beach for young children, but it is secluded and pretty breath taking.

  1. Point Ann

When you have seen the whales form the lookout point, you can come down to the rocky beaches. It is a 250m long pocket of clean sand where you can sit down and enjoy the amazing view. Point Ann is also a great location for fishing, surfing, swimming and some beaches allow 4WD driving on them for that adrenaline rush.

  1. The Basin

A popular spot for swimming and a picnic on Rottnest Island. It has even once been rewarded Australia’s top beach, but because it is hard to reach by cargo bike, we had to place it lower on our list. That does not mean that we do not love The Basin, which is located between even more popular spots such as Pinky Beach and Longreach Bay.

Lucky Bay, WA

Lucky Bay, WA. Source: Explore Parks WA


Australian Capital Territory

  1. Cocora Beach or Mowarry Beach

The family friendly gem of Eden. Shaded picnic tables, free barbeques, and the most fun playground can be found at Cocora Beach. If you want something more secluded, we suggest Mowarry Beach which is not too far away. It has been protected from the elements, is surrounded by green foliage, and also the ideal location to spot bottle-nosed dolphins!

  1. Hidden Valley

Another great stretch of beautiful sand in Mimosa National Park. It is a 1.5km bush walk from the parking lot, but it feels like you discover nature for the first time. This beach is sheltered by Bunga Head, which also offers coloured bands of sandstone.

  1. Guerilla Bay

Just like the other beaches in Canberra, this Is not a famous place to be. But the rock formations, green backdrop, and crystal-clear water is just an idyllic formula. Snorkeling here is great. Just like snoring on the sand.

  1. Middle Beach

This unpatrolled beach in Mimosa National Park is ideal for water babies! We know Canberra is not famous for its beaches, but once you find the right ones, it will be different from what you thought it was. Read this article if you would like another man’s opinion. Middle Beach is home to many birds and fish. So, it also offers that something extra to nature lovers.

  1. Casuarina Sands

Not a fan of the current? Not a problem. The Casuarina Sands offer a calm, natural swimming spot for the whole family!

Mowarry Beach, ACT

Mowarry Beach, ACT. Source: ABC News

Northern Territory

  1. Cobourg Peninsula

Remote, rugged area with magnificent white beaches. Here, you really are away from it all. Please, do recognise the Indigenous people as the original owners of this land when you decide to visit this idyllic destination. Dreams do come true in the Northern Territory.

  1. Turtle Beach

I mean, the name is Turtle Beach, do I need to say more? This is often the quietest of beaches in NT, and the most spectacular. But of course, always be cautious of sharks and other dangers when you decide to take a dip in the waters here.

  1. East Woody Beach

Dhamitjinya (East Woody Island) and Galaru (East Woody Beach) are idyllic, popular coastal areas with squeaky white sand! Absolutely a must visit when you are discovering the North of Australia. Even though nothing here is easy to reach by cargo bike, we could not leave it out of our list.

  1. Ellery Creek Big Hole

Picturesque or, as the young kids call it, Instagram worthy. That is Ellery Creek Hole. Rugged cliffs surround this tranquil, grotesque swimming spot. Thousands of years of massive floods have carved out this waterhole and unlocked a stunning spot to just relax and take a few shots. Camera shots.

  1. Lake Alexander

As always, we also include a body of water closer to a city. Lake Alexander is a man-made lake named after the Lord Mayor of Darwin in the 80’s. Very safe for recreational activities and the rare location in this state where you can easily pull up with your cargo bike next to the water. Have a picnic, a swim, barbeque, and just some quality time with your family.

Cobourg Peninsula, NT.

Cobourg Peninsula, NT. Source: Trekking Downunder


At Dutch Cargo Bike we cherish the quality time we get with our family. That is why we believe in our cargo bikes. The kids love it and so do we. Ever since we started our business 10 years ago, we have been passionate about helping families finding their perfect transport solution. If you have made it through the whole blog, I want to thank you for sticking around and until next time.



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