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“Our first words were: To leave the car in the garage. Our first beliefs when we started Moustache several years ago. But we didn’t imagine to leave so many cars behind so many garage doors.” That is what Manu and Greg have to say about the establishment of Moustache bikes. The name comes from the shape of their handlebars. Their company is based in de Vosges region of France. Home to their childhood memories, families, and values. According to them, E-bikes are opening the way to new experiences, new horizons, new users. The range they offer has almost no limits. Moustache bikes has thirteen bike families to cover all different riding needs: urban, all-road, road, mountain, bike and kid’s bikes. Dutch Cargo bike offers a small selection of these.



Moustache Xroad

This family of bikes is super versatile. Commuting to work, shopping during lunchtime, riding home through the forest, and on the weekend touring through the mountains. The Xroad is the bike that can do it all! Due to its dynamic frame and choice of parts, it is the perfect blend between an urban bike and a mountain bike. The Xroad family has lots of Bosch motor options, but the Xroad 3 has the Performance Line installed. This still feels natural, but is sporty and will surprise you by its absence of friction. It will allow you to fly up the hill! There is also the choice between an open frame, for easy step through, or a more masculine frame for a mountain bike feel. The Xroad 3 has a suspension seatpost and Deore 10-speed drivetrain.


Moustache Xroad 3



Moustache Wide

The bike family that opens your horizons! Henry Ford said: “The mind is like a parachute; it only works if it is open”. Opening the usage of a bike, a wider vision, is the sense of the Wide family and the DNA of Moustache from the very first day. This bike has been conceived to make riding a pleasure. It has a high-end frame, but is equipped with suspension and accessories that prioritize comfort and ease of use. Just pedal and let the Bosch Performance CX motor accompany you for ultimate relaxation while riding. The Wide family has a low centre of gravity for stability and the bearings are oversized for optimized stiffness and reliability. Equipped with a Shimano Deore 11 speed, the Wide 4 is a luxurious and easy-to-ride E-bike.


Moustache Wide4




Moustache Game

Beat the field on an endure. Or simply ride flat out on any beat-up trail. Climbing or descending, the Moustache Game is made for it. This E-bike will be increasingly more in its element the faster it goes, the steeper the slope, and the more difficult the terrain. The Game family comes from Moustache’s experience and victories in Enduro competitions. The frame is made from hydroformed aluminium 6061 T4, and aeronautical quality T6 and discretely integrates the Bosch battery, whilst optimizing the centre of gravity. The bearings are oversized for optimal stiffness and reliability. With the top of the line Bosch Performance Line CX motor, and the unique Moustache Magic Grip Control, the Game will be almost as fast climbing as descending. The Game 6 has a good pair of 29″ wheels, the rims are made from 6061E aluminium, and turn around 12 speed Shimano hubs.


Moustache Game6




Moustache Weekend

Who has not dreamed of getting in the saddle on Saturday morning at sunrise and riding till sunset on Sunday evening? Without questioning, without missing a thing, with bags bundled up, and without having to recharge the battery. When Moustache likes something, they do not count. Especially not kilometres! Two Bosch batteries give you 1125-Watt Hour of pure pleasure to consume without restraint: meet the Moustache Weekend. Let yourself be guided by the connected NYON computer. From the portal or the E-bike Connect application, it enables you to easily plan your routes, then adjust the level of assistance in real time depending on the climbing coming up. The mud guards and luggage racks in the Weekend Dual EQ version work together to keep you and your things dry. With a Shimano Deore 12-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, we conclude that the Moustache Weekend range is ultimate comfort and durability.


Moustache Weekend




Moustache Tandem

The electric 2020 Moustache Tandem X2 TRK is simply double the fun. Share your passion, discoveries, trips and have more fun aboard the X2 TRK. This bike’s dynamic handling is achieved with the centrally mounted Bosch Performance CX motor, keeping the weight low and in the right position to retain a lively feel. The motor is centrally mounted, so it also allows for the front and rear drivetrains to be combined for a true tandem experience! As for the battery, the X2 once again provides twice the fun. With two 500wh batteries equalling a whopping 1000wh of power altogether. All the specifications of the Moustache Tandem were chosen for performance and reliability. The Shimano XT 11-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes for example. The lagoon blue colour is a guarantee for turning heads and conversations along the way.


Moustache tandem





Do you want to be an early-adaptor? Do you love being outdoors? Are you adventurous? Or are you just looking for the most comfortable electric assisted ride? Look no further. Moustache bikes are quality, unique style, and everyday adventure guarantees. Whether you want to go on the mountain bike trails or the city ones, Moustache is comfort redefined. We are very proud to represent them in Australia. Stay updated on their arrival by subscribing to our newsletter, or contact us directly.



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