We service customers worldwide

No dealer near you? No problem. Talk to us about your dream bike and we will help you.

We have 30+ years experience and we’ve made numerous customers very happy. Most bikes go to New Zealand.

But we ship anywhere. No matter if you are in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai or Abu Dhabi!

Note – Tern we cannot ship internationally.

How do you ship?

Our top quality service partners make it easy.

All bikes will be shipped 100% assembled unless agreed with you otherwise. Shipping methods and cost vary on a case by case basis. We will work closely with you to ensure the whole process is clear before we start.

But, we first like to talk to you about your bike needs & dreams. To make sure we have the right bike for you and your family.

Why cargo bikes?

We believe in this mode of transport.

Afterall, it’s a very cool and efficient way to get more than just yourself from A to B.

Yet the concept of incorporating an e-bike into family or working life is very new to Australia. Not surprisingly, most people have no idea how to select a cargo bike that will best suit their needs and lifestyle.

Helping people make this most vital purchasing decision is a process we relish. We love interacting with our prospective customers. We love offering advice based on our many years of experience. Most of all, we love helping people get on the right bike and seeing how happy they are with their choice.

As a family who uses their cargo bike to undertake weekly shopping trips and day-to-day activities with three young children, we know just how much can be achieved using this amazing mode of transport.

What do you like most about your job?

We enjoy promoting the wonder of being outside.

Talking to customers and hearing their relief at finally meeting someone who ‘gets’ them.

We love seeing their big grins and the laughter of their children when they test a cargo bike for the first time.

For us, encouraging more people to ride cargo bikes and adopt a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is an extremely fulfilling experience. In short, we thoroughly enjoy promoting the wonder of being outside, of feeling the wind in your face, and of exercising your own sense of personal power.

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