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Riese & Muller - Load 75 review

Cargo Bike Super Dad

So, I think you could safely say our family is hooked on the Cargo Bike concept. It wasn’t always this way…
After moving to Melbourne from Queensland a few years back, we decided to be a ‘one car’ family. We had always been into bikes. But after carrying one too many precariously over-loaded shopping bags home on my handles, I started to explore our options. Enter ‘Dutch Cargo Bikes’. After doing some research, I landed on the concept of the cargo bike and after a few phone calls, I landed on ‘Dutch Cargo Bike’. From the outset, they provided great information and support for our ‘pre-cargo bike’ contemplation phase and even allowed us a few test rides to make sure we were happy. We bought our first cargo bike, a Bakfiets Long, and the rest is history. We are firmly hooked on the convenience, practicality, and environmentally friendly nature of cargo bike ownership. There is nothing quite like rolling up to the shops, parking out the front and loading your entire weeks shopping into the box while the poor souls in their cars are still trying to find a park! Not to mention the hours of fun we had cycling with our kids in the front. Our kids have now grown up and we have passed our Bakfiets long onto another family. They have just converted to cargo bike living and are loving it as much as we are. It was a happy and sad day for us all. The Bakfiets held such great memories, yet testament to the draw of the cargo bike. My wife (initially a cargo bike sceptic) would not let me sell the Bakfiets, until we had something to replace it with. Enter the R&M Load 75!


We moved to the R&M Load 75 for a few reasons:

  • It is power-assisted – this was the main reason as I use it to commute / carry my 10yr old 10km to school.
  • It has dual suspension – a must for the comfort of a larger child / load.
  • Ans it’s pretty much the coolest cargo bike out there right now – clearly very important!

    So how has it been? Well, for someone as bike obsessed as me, to say it is my favourite bike is saying something! Like all cargo bikes, it turns heads. But more than that, R&M have refined this thing VERY well. It is like riding a Rolls Royce. Everything works and has been well-thought out. The power-assist is cargo-specific, the Enviolo hub is excellent, and compliments the drive train perfectly. I am a huge fan of the no-maintenance aspect of the gates belt drive and coupling this with full suspension is a dream. I would highly recommend the locking canopy and the disc brakes are as reliable as they should be. It all just works.

    So, as a cargo-bike convert I can firmly recommend the Load 75.

    Oh, and my sons (and the dog) still love riding in it. I can actually push them up hills now, thanks to the power assist.

    If you’re pre-contemplation, I would highly recommend chatting to the team at Dutch Cargo Bikes. It’s the best transport decision our family has ever made. Safe riding everyone and see you out there!

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