What regular checks and maintenance should an owner undertake ?

Not much really.

Tires need air.
The most important thing that many owners forget is to put air in the tires. Even tires that have never had a puncture have some porosity and slowly lose pressure. Especially on a heavily loaded bike properly inflated tires will ride much better and last much longer. Don’t worry about precision – just keep them pumped up.

Chains need oil
Checking and lubricating your chain is easy and easy to forget since its hidden inside the chain case. Unlike a bike with an exposed chain the Bakfiets Cargobike can be ridden and stored for months in wet weather without touching the chain, but eventually some oil will still be needed. Depending on how much use the bike sees you should occasionally pop open the little hatch at the back of the chain case (twist carefully with a large screwdriver between the two tabs at the back to open). Prop the rear wheel up with a block or hang it from the ceiling with the front supported by the parking stand. Then you can pour oil on the chain while slowly turning the wheel or crank. Any good lubrication oil will work and excess will just drip off into the case. A couple times per year is sufficient.

Chains need adjustment
If you’re handy you can check the chain tension while the case hatch is open. To adjust the tension you need to loosen the axle nuts and brake reaction arm and then adjust with the axle tugs. If you’re not handy or if this sounds intimidating just leave it to a good bike shop. A loose chain is far less of a problem than a too tight chain.

What if you do have an issue that requires a bike mechanic?

We have certified mobile mechanics in most cities, who know our bikes and can come to your home, at your convenience. Just give us a call and we’ll get you up and running asap.

We are also more than happy to talk to your local bike-shop and guide them through any specific maintenance and repair issues. No matter what the issue, we are likely to get this fixed sooner than you think! We have spare parts in stock and send these out overnight if necessary.


We have assembled all the different warranties of the brands in our portfolio in the document below.

If you have any questions about this, or about something outside the warranty, please just give us a call.

Our terms and conditions can be found here

We want to keep you and your bike happy, and will do our up-most best to keep the bike going. Even after the warranty period. If there is an issue, just let us know, and together we will try and solve this asap.

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