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As Dutch nationals we have a lifetime of urban cycling experience and over 15 years of hands-on Cargo cycling. We have a whole team ready for you to talk to and ask questions. Don’t just take our word for it and you can try the bikes too!

We also consult in bike solutions for business.

Call us now, we are here to help and find the best bike for you!

Quality & Craftsmanship

All our bikes are designed in Europe, and most of them are hand-built in Europe (The Netherlands, Denmark). We focus on leading quality brands from the cycling countries of the world.

With over 15 years of market leadership, our brands have earned their reputation. They are made for a lifetime of cycling enjoyment!

Test Rides! Good idea!

We welcome you at one of our Test Centers to try before you buy. It’s very important that you get a good “feel” for the Bike or Trike before making a choice.

Our test-centers are in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney!

NDIS Bikes

Looking for a specialty bike? We are ordering some wheelchair bikes today, so get your order in. Get riding with the whole family, enjoying the wind in your hair, ...

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Trike (3-wheel) vs. Bike (2-wheel)

We get many questions on what to choose, a trike or 2wheel bike. Many people think they want a trike for stability. Which a trike is, more stable when you are standing still....but riding a bike or a trike is quite a different story! Some more information is in this article. A trike is great for short distcance, on the footpath and not going very fast, Want to ride on the road, a fair distance (more than 3km) and have a bit of speed, a 2-wheel bike is certainly worth to consider! A two wheeled Cargo Bike, long as it may be, handles a like a normal bike. Riding a Cargo Bike is like driving a van when you normally drive ...

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Happy Cyclist Story



Brisbane, QLD

This bike has been without a doubt the best purchase I have made. Yes, we love it.

I decided to look into alternative transport after growing increasingly frustrated by the growing number of private motor vehicles in and around my Brisbane suburb and the time costs of driving. At first I thought the price tag was a little steep ‘for a bike’, especially factoring in the Shimano STEPS electric assist motor, but once I did the maths on how much our second car cost us annually it was actually a major ongoing saving.
Once the bike arrived and I put it together my lifestyle changed significantly. I can now pack my partner, my son and my puppy, along with swimming gear and my son’s bike and ride us to South Bank or the local park. I don’t need to drive my dog to the local off-leash park, we ride there with him up front barking with delight.
Everything about the bike is well engineered and constructed and the Shimano STEPS system is a godsend in the hilly inner-Western suburbs of Brisbane.



Melbourne, VIC

The smoothness of the ride is fantastic for the kids, the bumps are handled with grace which I was surprised about too after giving a few a test ride.

My life has changed since getting my bike, I can take my small baby and my 3 year old for rides while engaging in conversation with them. I can easily respond to bub if he needs a feed as I can see him to watch for his cues. We are so much more active now!

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