There is a lot of noise in the air on how we can and need to save the planet. How we need to leave the earth in a better place, so our grand kids can also enjoy this little peace of paradise.

But how can you do this while running around, managing work, paying your bills, raising kids etc etc. Life is already very busy.

There are simple and easy ways, to create awareness in your family, your community and in the world around you. here are some ideas.

– Watch movies and documentaries to instill appreciation of the beauty of the earth. Watching how exquisite the planet is, will help people wanting to do something to keep this or to even better, help getting it back. Watching movies with all the faults there are can be depressing and some people will feel like there is no hope, and nothing can be done…and thus don’t do anything.

– Make composting and recycling fun. Make a game for you preschooler of separating garbage the right way

– Go op-shopping with your tween and explain fast-fashion

– Ride you bike and have a conversation why this is important.  Cycling reduces greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and therefore improves air quality. Cycling also reduces our reliance on precious natural resources to build and fuel cars, and the land we use for road infrastructure and car parks.

– Try some vegetarian or vegan food, introducing meatless-Monday!

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