Talking To Riese & Muller Founder Markus Riese


Pioneering in  Urban Mobility

We are convinced that individual mobility and urban infrastructure can fit together even better. That is why Riese & Müller relies on innovative premium E-Cargo bikes and E-Bikes: apart from making everyday life easier, they encourage riders to get out into the fresh air and enjoy cycling.

Cargo: the epitome of sustainable mobility

They have become a firm fixture in the urban landscape of many large towns and cities: E-Cargo bikes can be used by families as all-purpose everyday vehicles for transporting children, or by individuals and couples for shopping and running errands or for trips out into the countryside. At the same time, they provide definite benefits for logistics in many cities, and more and more companies are starting to sit up and take notice. Cargo bikes literally sum up modern mobility in towns, cities and in rural areas.

“We are part of a movement.”

Cities the world over are competing with their ideas to promote cycling. Traffic development concepts planned and budgeted over several years point to a long-term trend. The newly created space and greater safety in road traffic should make it more attractive and simpler for people to make everyday journeys by bike, E-Bike or E-Cargo bike. The benefits are clear to see: “A healthy city takes pressure off the healthcare system. A city that prioritises cycling also supports retail and urban life and is appealing to companies,” explains futurologist Dr Stefan Carsten in our interview.

Riese & Müller is driven by people’s growing need for a better overlap between individual mobility and public infrastructure. “We are part of the movement ourselves,” explains Dr Sandra Wolf, CEO of Riese & Müller. “This motivates and inspires us to develop new E-Bike concepts. That’s why we are consciously engaging in dialogue with our cooperation partners from all sectors and with policy-makers.”

“Cargo” reinvented: the Packster 70.

The Riese & Müller Packster 70 represents an E-Cargo bike ideally tailored to urban mobility needs. At the same time, it is very versatile, thanks to its modular design, which includes a loading concept that can be used by private households and families or for business purposes. This concept gives the Packster 70 maximum storage space, accommodating up to three passengers and/or cargo weighing up to 200 kg in the secure EPP box.

Thanks to its cable-operated steering system, the Packster 70 has a minimal turning circle, the benefits of which truly come into their own in tight urban spaces. Top-of-the-line quality, innovation, safety and riding enjoyment: features, such as the optional brake light and main beam, an in-house developed, durable cargo bike brake, side impact protection and the RX Chip fitted as standard in some countries show what the premium Riese & Müller brand name stands for.

The Packster 70 boasts a seamless appearance: the 1,250 Wh batteries and EPP box are integrated into the frame. With its clean, dynamic lines, the box blends into the bike, while the rear carries on the design of the Charger series, making the Packster 70 unmistakably a member of the Riese & Müller model range.

“Up to now with cargo bikes, the frame was usually developed first and the body then built on it. We turned the process around with the Packster 70 and developed it on a ‘best packaging’ principle: we took into account all components when developing the body, resulting in optimum synergies. We made use of every angle and every square millimetre, enabling us to integrate a broad array of functions,” comments Markus Riese. “We are setting new standards with the Packster 70 in terms of the handling and loading volume of an E-Cargo bike of this size. The available accessories also lend the bike unprecedented convenience in day-to-day use.”

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