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C.H. Chu – Project Management Consultant

I run a one-man consulting firm, specialising in project management and its potential as a framework for achieving objectives. People I first meet tend to ask: what industry do you work in? Early on, my answer used to be electricity infrastructure, but over the years I’ve branched out to many different industries and organisations, including government, automation engineering, and IT. I’ve discovered that I have a built-in philosophy about being able to use an object/tool/framework across multiple conditions and situations, much like a swiss army knife, which was my favourite everyday carry growing up.

That philosophy seems to have carried over to cycling. I’m someone who likes riding, but I’m not stuck on one type of riding or one type of bike – I’m happy to move forward and change if the conditions require. I started riding in Malaysia on busy city roads, and my first bike was a chopper-style bike that was the rage in the 1970s. I was riding to school at 13, and moved from BMX style bikes in the early 1980’s, to a drop-bar road bike, which suited the longer rides I took to visit friends in suburbs a distance away. After arriving in the US for university, just as the mountain bike craze kicked-off, I bought a Mongoose flat-bar ‘all-terrain’ bicycle with knobby tires, that was so well suited to the urban and off-road cycling I was doing, that it went with me for the next 20 years around the world, as I relocated for work.

It was work that bought my family to Tasmania, 17 years ago and having handed down my trusty Mongoose to a young friend at university, I purchased a flat-bar commuter bike for the cycling I was doing, upgrading to an 8-speed internal geared hub for less maintenance and disc brakes for better stopping power. In the last few years though, with travel becoming a regular requirement for work, I found myself only enjoying the freedom of riding when I was back in Tasmania.

This got me looking into lighter bikes and bike boxes I could check into on a plane, in order to bring a bike with me when I travelled for work. This is when I discovered the world of cargo and folding bikes. A search for businesses that specialised in these bikes led me to Dutch Cargo Bikes, where an afternoon of discussing my thoughts and test-riding cargo, folding, pedal-assist e-bikes – and combinations of all three types! – resulted in the selection of a Tern BYB folding bike. For me, this is my swiss army knife of riding: small and easy enough to take everywhere, solid and with enough features to ride anywhere, and versatile enough to carry shopping or my laptop briefcase. I’m really enjoying this bike, but that experience with Dutch Cargo Bikes has has started me thinking about other possible upgrades to my stable of bicycles!


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