Tern Quad Struts

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  • The Lockstand QuadStruts are innovative accessories designed to enhance the stability and reliability of the GSD Gen 2 cargo bike, especially during the critical moments of loading and unloading kids or heavy cargo. Here are key features and information about the Lockstand QuadStruts:

    1. Additional Set of Steel Legs: The Lockstand QuadStruts provide an extra set of robust steel legs that work in conjunction with the Atlas Lockstand on the GSD Gen 2 cargo bike. These additional legs play a crucial role in boosting the bike's stability, particularly when you are loading or unloading kids or carrying heavy cargo.

    2. Patented Design: The Lockstand QuadStruts feature a patented design that significantly widens the kickstand span. This expanded base of support is essential for increasing the bike's stability during critical moments when the balance of the bike could be compromised.

    3. Tandem Operation with Atlas Lockstand: These QuadStruts work seamlessly with the Atlas Lockstand, and there is no need to deploy the kickstand and QuadStruts separately. This integration ensures that you can easily and quickly enhance the bike's stability when required.

    4. No Interference with Vertical Parking: The Lockstand QuadStruts are designed not to interfere with the Vertical Parking feature of the GSD when they are disengaged. This means you can still park your bike vertically without any hindrance.

    5. Strength and Reliability Testing: To ensure their performance and safety, the Lockstand QuadStruts have been rigorously tested for strength and reliability. These tests were conducted by EFBE Prüftechnik, a leading bike testing laboratory in Europe.

    6. Weight Capacity: The Lockstand QuadStruts are designed to support heavy loads, including the weight of the bike itself. They have a weight capacity of up to 100 kg (220 lb), making them suitable for carrying substantial cargo.

    7. Requires Lockstand Extensions: It's important to note that the Lockstand QuadStruts require the use of Lockstand Extensions, which are sold separately. These extensions, in combination with the QuadStruts, provide maximum stability for your GSD Gen 2 cargo bike.

    In summary, the Lockstand QuadStruts are a valuable addition to the GSD Gen 2 cargo bike, enhancing its stability and reliability when carrying kids or heavy cargo. Their innovative design and rigorous testing make them a reliable solution for cyclists who prioritize safety and stability during loading and unloading operations.

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