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Riese and Muller Homage

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  • The Homage is a high-end electric bicycle designed and manufactured by Riese & Müller. It is known for its unique design, exceptional riding comfort, and advanced technology. Here are some key features and details about the Homage:

    1. Unique Design: The Homage features a striking design with clean lines and a low step-through frame, making it easy to handle in city traffic. The frame design seamlessly integrates the battery, motor, and other components for a sleek and cohesive look.

    2. Battery Options: The Homage is available with two battery options: a standard 625 Wh battery and a DualBattery option with a total capacity of 1,250 Wh. This allows for a significant range of up to 160 kilometers and more, making it suitable for longer rides.

    3. Riese & Müller Control Technology: This technology includes full suspension, particularly in the rear swing arm, which ensures excellent traction even on rough roads and at high speeds. It contributes to the bike's comfort and safety.

    4. Lighting: The bike is equipped with an ultra-bright Supernova M99 Mini Pro headlamp with a main-beam function, providing excellent visibility in low-light conditions. This enhances safety while riding at night or in traffic.

    5. Braking: The Homage is equipped with Magura disc brakes, known for their strong braking performance. This ensures that you can stop quickly and safely when needed.

    6. Bosch Performance Line CX Motor: The bike is powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX motor with 85 Nm of torque, providing ample assistance for a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

    7. Integrated Components: The compact carrier on the bike features the MIK system, and it seamlessly integrates with the frame design. The bike also has a minimalist cockpit design, offering a clean and sophisticated appearance.

    8. Convenience Features: The Homage is designed for maximum convenience. It has an ergonomically positioned charging socket, making it easy to charge the batteries directly on the bike. The lock is also ergonomically attached to the carrier for quick locking and unlocking.

    Overall, the Homage is a premium electric bicycle that combines style, comfort, and performance. Whether you're using it for city commuting or longer rides in the countryside, it offers a high-quality riding experience with safety and convenience in mind.

    Our homage bikes come standard equipped with:

    • 1 battery
    • Nyon cockpit
    • Lowerable saddle
    • GX option

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