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i:SY E5 ZR F Comfort Bosch 600wh (Smart System - BES3)

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  • Our bestseller with SHIMANO 5-speed hub especially for e-bikes + extra riding comfort.

    The E5 ZR F Comfort impresses with a 5-speed hub gear from SHIMANO developed specifically for e-bikes and a clean toothed belt drive. The dynamic BOSCH Performance Line motor is installed. The new BOSCH Smart System takes you into the digital e-bike world and connects the display, the control unit and the motor to your smartphone via the ebike Flow app. The Comfort equipment includes a suspended seat post from BySchulz, a more cranked handlebar, a shorter stem for even more upright sitting, and a larger saddle for even more riding comfort. Like every i:SY, the E5 ZR F Comfort also impresses with cross-series equipment elements, such as disc brakes. In addition to height adjustment, the Speedlifter Twist also allows the handlebars to be rotated horizontally by 90 degrees, without any tools.

    • Extra riding comfort thanks to the seat post from BySchulz, more cranked handlebars, shorter stem and larger saddle
    • Powerful Bosch Performance Line motor with 75 Nm and smart BOSCH system
    • Includes ABUS frame lock that locks the same for frame and battery

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