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Urban Arrow Rain Cover Plus


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The Raincover PLUS

  • More interior space
  • The retractable side windows make it useful in warm weather too
  • Quick entry by using the zip fastenings on the side
  • Ample space for positioning a Maxi Cosi or third child on an extra seat
  • Two compartments and openings for cable lock at the back

High and dry

The front of the unit allows for a significant amount of clearance for those riding on the optional extra bench in the front. If your little ones are too young to sit on the bench by themselves, no worries. The Raincover PLUS offers a generous amount of room for mounting a Maxi-Cosi seat in the front instead. That way you can even bring your youngest on all your trips.

You, me, transparency

After the eye-catching height adjustment, the second thing you will notice is the transparency of the new Raincover PLUS. The side and front windows are significantly larger and the added window on top allows for a much-improved view of whatever is going on inside the box as well as on what’s on the road ahead of you.


Both sides of the Raincover PLUS can be unzipped, rolled up and intuitively secured in place with a simple, yet elegant system of elastic bands and hooks. On the not so sunny and often windy days this system makes it easy to keep the doors open and load and unload your cargo. A reflective strip wraps around both sides and the front of the unit to provide increased visibility during darker days and nights.

The world in your pocket

We all know traveling with kids can be a handful. The Raincover PLUS has two integrated pockets facing the rider. These enable you to store the traveling essentials for your family within arms’ reach and focus on enjoying the ride.

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