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Urban Arrow Flatbed XL – Bosch Performance Line

$10,995.00 incl. GST

The world’s first delivery van on two wheels

Urban Arrow Cargo bikes are ideal for your last mile logistics. With its supreme agility, Bosch electric pedal assist motor and wide range of options the Cargo has proven to be the perfect replacement for the delivery van. Our Cargo enables you to carry yours. Straight to your customers’ front doors.

Cargo L

This is the most popular Cargo model. A great variety of companies are already deploying the Cargo L for their inner city distribution. It is quick, has a near zero tendency to get stuck in traffic and maintains enough load capacity to haul some serious volume. The Cargo L adds to the dynamism of the city traffic whilst cutting sound and air pollution. All Cargo models are equipped with the strong Bosch Performance motor.

Cargo XL

This is the big brother of the Cargo L. With a front frame over 80 cm longer this bike generously increases the cargo space. The extra length of the Cargo XL platform also makes for a wider range of mountable boxes.

Cargo XXL

This is the longest two-wheeled bike of the Cargo range. With an extra 40 centimeters added to the length of the Cargo XL this bike is more like a two wheeled truck. You could transport an entire pop-up shop with it, including personnel

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  • A bike that will last for years to come – An Urban Arrow Cargo bike is a trustworthy asset to your company for years. All Urban Arrows have a sturdy and light aluminum frame. The Cargo’s boxes are made from durable materials. Take care of your Cargo and it will reward you for it!
  • Whatever your load, there is a Cargo to fit your needs. From 70 up to 2500 liters of cargo space. Whether you are carrying a light load, have to keep it cool, warm or need to transport large volumes; Urban Arrow offers a fitting solution for your inner city transport.
  • Impressive range, even when fully loaded. The power from a single Bosch battery already provides a great range for e-bikes. If you desire more range still, a dual battery mount is available. The ride is super smooth thanks to the NuVinci stepless gear system and your sense of balance is positively influenced by the Cargo’s low center of gravity.


Your story here?

Your story here?


  • Colours available:
  • Frame: Alloy
  • Bike Dimensions: 
  • Platform Dimensions:
  • Load Capacity: 
  • Drive Train: NuVinci N380 Stepless gears
  • Motor: Bosch Performance or CX
  • Lights: Standard
  • Rear Rack: optional
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Warranty:

Accessories available

Rear carrier

Flightcase L

Sliderbox XL

Flight case XXL

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