Dog Roof Mini
Dog Roof Mini
Dog Roof Mini
Dog Roof Mini
Dog Roof Mini
Dog Roof Mini
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Dog Roof Mini


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The Dog Roof Mini is a convertible cover for the Soft Crate Mini that lets your dog ride in safety and style. Open the roof to let your dog enjoy an open-air riding experience or zip the roof closed to keep the rain out (and your dog in). Pup-friendly mesh side panels keep the fresh air flowing so your dog stays happy and healthy on your ride.

Compatible Bikes

  • HSD, GSD

NOTE You need to order the club house mini and soft crate mini with this option separately.



  • Requires the Clubhouse Mini (sold separately) for installation
  • Designed for use with the Soft Crate Mini (also sold separately)—the Clubhouse Mini, Soft Crate Mini, and Dog Roof Mini make up the Doghouse Mini
  • Complete Doghouse Mini carries small- to medium-sized dogs (up to 13.5 kg/30 lb)
  • Mesh panels keep your dog's cabin nicely ventilated on your ride
  • Convertible roof features two windows that can be zipped open, rolled up, and tucked away for open-air riding
  • Made from durable,  easy-to-clean fabric

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