Tern BYB P8 Folding bike side view
Tern BYB P8 Folding bike side view
Tern BYB P8 folding bike shown folded
BYB P8 Dark Bronze
BYB P8 Dark Bronze folded
Folding Bikes | Tern Bicycles BYB P8

Tern Bicycles BYB P8


The Tern BYB P8 is a mid-range compact folding bike with 20” wheels, perfect for riding around the city. The BYB P8 is incredibly easy to fold and is 30% smaller than other 20” bikes on the market. The handling is stable and flawless even with heavier riders, making this an ideal bike for commuting. Riders say it takes 30 seconds to fold, making this a quick and easy on-the-go option.

Why do we love this bike?

  • Easy to fold and very compact
  • Stable and fast riding
  • Fits conveniently into lockers, closets, or any narrow space
  • Fits riders from 147 to 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”)
  • Includes Metro Transit Rack with built-in spinner wheels for easier trolleying on public transport


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The Tern BYB isn't just a folding bike—it's a whole new way to fold a bike. It's 30% smaller than traditional 20" folding bikes, and folds small and slim enough to fit conveniently into lockers, closets, or any narrow space. When folded, the BYB has one of the smallest footprints of any folding bike. That means a much easier time maneuvering it onto crowded trains and buses or when navigating through busy subway stations.

Ever tried to ride on public transport with a folding bike and felt like you needed an extra pair of hands? The BYB stands on its rack, and its built-in spinner wheels let you trolley the bike with one hand while the other holds your coffee. The BYB is designed for mixed-mode commuters who do a stretch of their daily journey on a train or bus, or might grab a taxi home on a rainy day. Folded, the BYB fits anywhere so all your transport options are always open.

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Champagne, Dark Bronze

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