Nihola Rehab cargo bike shown with toddler seat fitted
Nihola Rehab cargo bike shown with toddler seat fitted Toddler Shell
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Nihola Bikes Toddler Shell


The Aron toddler chair 8 to18 months from Melia is suitable for your preschool toddlers aged between 8-18 months.
With this toddler chair, it becomes very comfortable for your toddler to ride in the bike trailer or cargo bike.


You can use the Aron chair as a replacement for the Melia baby seat BGRL, the last being in fact suitable for an infant with an age of 0-9 months.

The toddler chair ARON is the only officially approved toddler seat for bicycle trailers and cargo bikes.
The chair prevents your child from bumping around and getting hurt when biking over bumps on the road.
The toddler seat cushions and holds your baby steady during the ride, even the head of your baby remains well supported during sleep.
In addition, the toddler seat good for the baby's neck and back.

With only a width of 28 cm, an older child can easily sit next to the toddler seat. You can also have two toddler seats or baby scales juxtaposition in most bicycle trailers and cargo bikes.

Width : 28 cm

- Suitable for a toddler between 7 and 18 months
- Only approved toddler seat for bicycle carts and cargo bikes
- Reduces the impact of bumps
- Head is supported
- Prevents the child from sliding under the seat belt
- Room for another child

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