E-Bullit EP8 Larry vs Harry Lizard King
E-Bullit EP8 Larry vs Harry Lizard King
E-bullit EP8 Larry vs Harry milkplus
Larry vs Harry E-Bullit 6100
Larry vs Harry E-Bullit 6100
Larry vs Harry E-Bullit 6100
Larry vs Harry E-Bullit 6100
Larry vs Harry E-Bullit 6100
Larry vs Harry E-Bullit 6100
Larry vs Harry E-Bullit 6100
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# Dutch Cargo Picks ★ | Larry vs Harry E-Bullit EP8

Larry vs Harry E-Bullit EP8

From $11,495.00

This bike needs no more introduction. It’s already a legend!

The Bullitt EP8 has a Nexus 5-speed Di2 option with gates belt drive or chain or Shimano XT 11 speed Di2. This is a great bike, made of aluminum, nice and stiff to go far and fast. Available with chain or belt drive.

Great for couriers, or people wanting to use the bike to transport ‘cargo’ we think. The Cargo Bike build for speed! Bikes and the awesome original honeycomb floorboard in stock, ready for shipment today.

This awesome E-Cargo Bike comes with FREE 30 days e-bike insurance and a COMPLIMENTARY 3-months check-up service 


The missing link between the car and a bike. The eBullitt, has the same strong, agile and versatile frame size of the Original Bullitt, but with the option of two powerful Shimano motors and long-lasting batteries, that making carrying and accelerating any cargo almost effortless

The eBullitt can take a huge amount of cargo. Using our 2 powerful Shimano motors, getting a boost off the line, up steep hills, or over long journeys can make carrying any cargo a breeze.The Shimano system provides up to 100km* of power assist. The battery can be removed and charged within 1 hour to 50%, 2 hours to 70% and 4 hours 100%.

EP8 - 85 Nm of Torque

The EP8 is the result of many years development and brings Shimano’s wealth of experience in cycling engineering into a small, powerful and fantastic functioning flagship eBullitt. Booth massively powerful and beautifully engineered, the engine provides a fantastic and naturel transfer of power, just when you the rider require it.

250watt with an incredibly grunty 85 newton meters of torque, the EP8 represents the pinnacle of electrically assisted bikes and it’s strength makes it a fantastic contender for cargo riding. Less drag due to a change in seals and software updates from previous iterations, the EP8 rolls smoothly and incredibly efficiently. Coupled with fantastic shifting courtesy of XT Di2, the electronic gears change with precision and low maintenance time and time again.
Motor Assistance up to 25 kmph in accordance with AU Law.

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Bluebird – aqua blue, Bollocks- yellow, Classic – black, Clockwork – orange, Lizard King – khaki green, Major Tom – red, Milkplus – white, Moondog – dark blue


Larry vs Harry

Component group

Shimano nexus 5-speed Di2 with chain, Shimano nexus 5-speed Di2 with gates beltdrive, Shimano XT 11 speed Di2 with chain

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