Kinekt XR 27.2 x 420mm AL
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Kinekt XR 27.2 x 420mm AL


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It’s easy to tune a Kinekt Seatpost to your weight and riding style. The seat post comes with 2 installed springs (1 upper, 1 lower) and 2 additional springs. They’re easy to swap. Use the chart match spring combinations to your preferred ride. Try multiple combinations to get it just right. There’s also an adjuster on the seat post for fine tuning.


LR seaports come with Black/Black springs installed.
XR seaports come with Black/Yellow springs installed.

Kinekt XR

The new Kinekt XR covers rider weights from 180 to 320 pounds (82 to 145 kg). Comes with a Black/Yellow spring combination installed (190-240 lbs).

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