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Douze Cycles embarked on an incredible adventure, because we were convinced that we could innovate in this area if singular cargo bike. We design cycles combines sleek aesthetics, smooth lines, fast and easy to ride.

We designed the Douze Family (Step Through Frame), thinking of you during your daily commute. Our models are extremely easy to use without compromising with style and quality: our components are the most successful in the market, to ensure the performance of our models and security.

The day comes when you have to drive your children to  school, that when you decide to learn the cello, or it is a passion for a sport that equipment takes up space, Our business, how we work, our relationship to time have changed under the sign of flexibility and mobility. This trend leads us to rethink the way we move.

A cargo bike should ride as a regular pushbike and you should be able to park it anywhere! It would be a shame to lose the comfort and practicality of a cargobike pretext that it does not fit in your garage, in your car trunk or on a bike rack when you want to take on holiday …

Douze Cycles is the first manufacturer to sell cargo-bikes with cable steering. The advantages compared to standard cargo-bike steering systems (rod and ball points) are undeniable:

  • Exceptional maneuverability! A front wheel capable of turning 75° to the right or to the left will allow you to easily manoeuvre your Douze and make u-turns in tight places
  • Our steering cable allows deep and sharp turns without the danger of the rider toppling over.
  • The ad-hoc sheathed cable that we have designed is capable of working under extreme weather conditions.

Douze Cycles innovative quick-release system allows you to separate the front- from the back-frame in less than 5 minutes

It is major advantage for several reasons :

  • Transportation – you can transport your DOUZE in the trunk of your car or on a bike rack behind it
  • Storage – separated into two parts, your Douze is easier to store when not used on a daily basis
  • Evolutivity & modularity – if your needs change, you can change the frame ! Your short frame, for instance, can be replaced with a long frame in a couple of minutes.

Et Voila – the Douze Cycles Cargo Bike was born. It’s the future of Cargo Bike but available today!

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  • Very comfortable, yet stiff and fast
  • Fits two children side by side in the box with ease
  • Step Through Frame, easy handling for all riders
  • Suitable for small riders due to adjustment range saddle height
  • High quality components and disc brakes
  • Three front end lengths: 40-60-80cm
  • 75 degree steering, smallest turning circle on the market
  • Tough construction of steel rear and alloy front frame
  • Quick and simple to split in 2 parts (125cm x 2) so you can store it or take it with you on your vacation for example
  • Faster & more comfortable with Schwalbe Big Apple tyres


Douze Traveller

Douze Traveller

Tammy - VIC

I have had the Douze now for a month and I can happily say what an absolute joy it has been.

Not only to my dog and I but also to the locals.  A bike that can bring daily smiles to the rider, it’s companion & onlookers should be revered.

A trip to the supermarket, the beach or just a ride about town (or the next few towns) is easy in every way.  Plenty of cargo space for goodies brought or bought, whether or not there is a dog on board!

I can’t talk about the specs and all the technical jargon that goes with such a beautifully made bike, because I don’t really dabble in that stuff – what I can tell you though, it is a dream to ride, light and maneuverable, the  gears are super easy to use,  it’s cruisey comfortable and looks amazing.  No lycra required, its’ kind of a ‘Sunday’ bike for every day of the year.  Makes you feel like you are on holidays and life is good!

I am petite in frame and I have no problems getting the Douze to go wherever I please or to park it for that matter.  It has a superior stand that keeps this bike rock solid.  No child, dog or adult can tip it over once it is resting safely on its’ stand.   It also comes with extra options, one being the bucket and bucket frame which you can see in the photos.  I highly recommend this to get the best value from your bike.  You will be surprised as to how much you take with you when you head out and about and have an easy option to transport it.  I can put a full week or two of groceries for my husband and I in this bucket and happily ride home.  Beach towels, handbags, flowers, packages to the post office, dry cleaning – you name it.  I love using it for these small trips about town that I would once have done in a car.  I don’t have children but regardless all kids love it, they see it parked at the shops or the beach and try and clamber onboard.  It’s a magnet for good times!  It attracts attention wherever you go.  People want to stop and chat, pat the dog and guaranteed they always leave smiling!


It has changed my lifestyle for the better, I ride now so am healthier (and happier).   I have a road bike in my garage (collecting dust) which hasn’t seen as many kilometers as the Douze.  I have owned the road bike for 5 years!  I never once woke up thinking about where I could ride, but the Douze makes me do this, with a skip in my step!

Last but not least – Is there a downside to the Douze?

Yes, two in fact.

The first, my dog hates walking anywhere now. She runs to the Douze wanting to be ridden to the dog park instead of walking.  She has the whole ‘look at me’ wind in the face thing going on!

The second, my Audi TT stays garaged most days.  The Douze has truly won me over.


  • Colours available:
  • Frame: French design, frame (steel/alloy) hand built in Taiwan
  •  Frame style: Traveler
  • Bike Dimensions: 243cm long
  •  Front Frame Dimensions: 600 or 800mm
  • Load Capacity: 200kg including the rider
  • Drive Train: Alfine 8-speed, Alfine 11-speed
  • Motor: Optional, Bafang 8FUN
  • Lights: Rydon or Exposure lights suggested
  • Rear Rack: Optional
  • Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic disc brake Gemini HD-M520 d. 160/160
  • Warranty: 5 Years on the frame and 2 Year on the components

Accessories available

Floorboard included

 Child-seat package  included

 Full canopy is optional

 Bafang 8FUN mid motor system with gear sensor is optional

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