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Bosch Intuvia Display -Anthracite


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Intuitive control centre

The Intuvia display can be read under all lighting conditions and the eBike can be controlled easily and intuitively. Thanks to the separate control unit, your hands remain securely on the handlebar at all times, while the shift recommendation means you always pedal in the correct gear. This preserves the battery and increases your range. Intuvia means you always have all riding data clearly in sight.

Maximum ease of use
Easy operation via the separate control unit.

Ideal for travelling
Even when removed from the eBike, all important information such as the total distance can be displayed.

Good legibility in all lighting conditions, even in sunlight.

Charging station
Intuvia charges your smartphone via the USB port, for example, while you are riding.

Service information
The optional service interval display reminds you to fix the next service appointment for your eBike with the specialist dealer.

Light system
If the eBike light was on when the system was switched off, it is automatically switched on the next time the system is started.

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