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The Bakfiets.nl Riksja is a 3-wheeled trike that has been designed for transporting riders.  Riksja translates to “Rickshaw” and this electric taxi is equipped with a Shimano Steps mid-engine, which makes it very durable and also a lot cheaper to use than a car – plus, it’s a lot more fun!

Lately more and more people have been seen in the news riding trikes with elderly people and we want to introduce this high-quality trike to make a difference.

‘Feel the wind in your hair
Get around and meet other people
Be part of the community again’

The BAKFIETS TAXI is in stock in Australia
Designed and built in the Netherlands
SHIMANO STePS pedal assist motor and long-lasting battery pack – all confirm latest Australian law requirements

Only 2 left in stock

Includes seat-belt, cushioning and easy step-up platform

Optional hood and leg blanket

This bike is designed to carry (elderly) adults. Cycling is a great way to get everyone and anyone outside, enjoying the sun and wind in their face. Some people don’t have the option to go out and about on foot, and the wheelchair only gives a small range of visits. Besides riding in the bike will give a sense of freedom and take you back to younger years, it will give joy, something to talk about, interact with each other, and with the volunteers. It will enrich many lives. As it has an electric assist, the volunteers will be happy to ride around with minimal effort, making it a great experience for everyone.

The Bakfiets TAXI is a new trike from Bakfiets.nl, which produces many different (cargo) bikes in Hoogeveen (NL). It’s the leading brand for Cargo Bikes and Trikes in the Netherlands, working with high-quality components only.  We highly recommend Bakfiets.nl because of the design, comfort and overall value for money.

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Matte Black, Petrol Blue, White


Shimano STePS

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