Tern Adjustable DuoStand
Tern Adjustable DuoStand
Tern Adjustable DuoStand
Tern Adjustable DuoStand
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Tern Adjustable DuoStand


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The DuoStand is a sturdy, height-adjustable dual-leg kickstand that fits several Tern bikes. The wide two-legged design provides extra stability when loading and unloading a passenger or cargo, or when parking on uneven terrain. Rubber feet bump up the stability even higher and protect floors, while adjustable legs accommodate different tire widths (for example, winter tires).

Compatible Bikes

  • HSD




  • Provides extra stability while you load and unload cargo or a kid
  • 60 kg capacity (including bike weight)—tested by EFBE using custom protocol
  • Ends with wide rubber caps help DuoStand get a grip on uneven surfaces and prevent floor scratches when parking indoors
  • Adjustable legs keep the stand operational when different-sized tires are installed, e.g., winter tires
  • Durable steel construction with corrosion-resistant coating
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware

Additional information



Technical details

Color: black

Dimensions: 350mm x 55mm x 270mm

Weight: 1550g

Load Capacity: 60kg

Material: Steel

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