What is a cargo bike?

Originally, cargo bikes were primarily intended for professional use, for deliveries.

Users have taken hold of it and manufacturers have developed their models to meet this demand and in particular the need to transport one or more children.

The Rolls-Royce of cargo bikes

Thanks to its powerful electric assistance and its giant luggage rack, the O2 FEEL Equo Cargo Power 7.1 electric bike can carry two children.

The French brand o2feel.com (design and assembly in Hauts-de-France) takes a particular interest in their safety and thus offers baby seats, footrests, shelf protection, guardrails.

What are the advantages of this cargo bike?

The power

A bike of this size weighs heavy, so when you add the weight of the accessories and that of the two children sitting on the luggage rack … The Shimano EP8 motor (a high-end version) meets these constraints perfectly. Starting is smooth, even when the bike is loaded to its maximum. We did not encounter any difficulty, including on steep slopes.


It is a reassuring, comfortable and manoeuvrable bike despite its size. It gives off a real impression of robustness. The battery, integrated into the frame, is easily removed (it has an anti-theft system) to be charged.

The chain is replaced by a belt: therefore no rust, no lubrication and less noise. Hydraulic discs (front and rear) provide really efficient braking. The telescopic fork perfectly absorbs road imperfections.

The accessories

It is possible to add a transport platform at the front and another at the rear.

To embark children in complete safety, opt for the protective canvas which prevents them from getting caught up in the shelves, for footrests or again for this ” rail ” which prevents them from falling. A baby seat and a seat cushion can coexist on the luggage rack.

What are the disadvantages of this cargo bike?

This bike is longer (1.95 m) than a conventional cycle and much heavier (35 kg), so you have to think about where it will be stored.

A few steps to climb can become an insurmountable obstacle.

The investment

The sum is significant but justified in view of the level of performance of the equipment, the quality of the finish and the many uses offered.

Original article; https://www.lefigaro.fr/lifestyle/velo-electrique-o2-feel-equo-cargo-power-7-1-la-rolls-royce-des-velos-cargo-20220105
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