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About Nihola


On the Nihola website they say:

In 1998, mechanical engineer Niels Holme Larsen attended a cargo bike exhibition in Copenhagen. The following day, a critic from the Danish newspaper Politiken concluded that cargo bikes would only be able to compete against cars when they could transport two children and groceries at the same time in a light and stable cargo bike. After having read the review Niels decided to build such a cargo bike, which resulted in the now well-known Nihola Bikes.

Today, 20 years after, Nihola develops and produces cargo bikes for families, Rehab/handicap-, institutional- and commercial use. We developed and produced 1600 postal bikes in 2011 for the Danish Post and these cargo bikes are still in use after 250.000 start and stops.

The goal and vision of Nihola was then to become the market leader and innovator on the Danish market. With more than 10.000 Nihola bikes in Copenhagen alone this goal has been fulfilled. The goal and vision are now in 2020 to stay competitive on the Danish market while obtaining higher market shares in Europe and North America – we currently have dealers in 35 European countries, Canada and the U.S.  

Personally, we think Nihola is the safest cargo bike on the market. We purchased one when our son was in a wheelchair.


Different purpose, different bike



The Nihola family is an amazing bike. Unique to Nihola is the steering system. It is simple, maintenance free and stable. This type is also used on a car, where the front wheels turn independently of the frame. Stability is the key to safety in relation to both the children being transported, and the rider of the bike. Only Nihola has this system, which makes it the best handling trike and most stable on the market today. Nihola bikes have another unique feature; a cabin floor that is lower than the centres of the front wheels. This low centre of gravity gives extra stability where other trikes do not.


Testimony – Family

My life has changed since getting my bike, I can take my small baby and my 3-year-old for rides while engaging in conversation with them. I can easily respond to bub if he needs a feed as I can see him to watch for his cues. The steering mechanism is second to none, the way it handles corners and bumps is so soft, I can go super-fast on it while being very stable (this thing just doesn’t tip)

We are so much more active now; I was missing riding with my 3-year-old when bubs came along so my Nihola filled that void. Another life changing thing my bike has done for me is that I found by being more active and having a reason to get outside for a ride helped alleviate the negative thoughts that can often come to mums with a new baby. It is truly the best investment I’ve ever made. In a heartbeat I’d recommend my bike!

Technical specifications:

The Nihola Family cargo bike has, after testing, been called the best 3-wheeled cargo bike for child transportation by the Danish newspaper Politiken and the Dutch ”Fietsersbond” (Dutch Cyclist Union).

  • Total length: 2 meters
  • Total width: 89 cm/85 cm with turned front wheels
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • load: 100 kg + rider
  • Height from cabin floor to rain hood: 104 cm
  • Height from child bench to rain hood: 78 cm
  • Transport box height: 50 cm
  • width in cabin: 62 cm
  • length in cabin: 88 cm

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The Nihola dog is an amazing bike. Stability is the key to safety in relation to both the dog(s) being transported and the rider of the bike. Nihola’s unique steering system makes it the best handling trike and most stable on the market today. The low centre of gravity gives extra stability where other trikes don’t. The aluminium front door can be opened, so a dog can easily go in and out of the cabin itself.


Testimony – Dog

It will make your life and that of your dog a lot easier and so much more fun! A customer said with much enthusiasm about her cargo bike, and her doggo in there:
“My dog hates walking anywhere now. She runs to the bike wanting to be ridden to the dog park instead of walking. She has the whole ‘look at me’ wind in the face thing going on!”

Technical specifications:

  • Total length: 2 meters
  • Total width: 89 cm/85 cm with turned front wheels
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • load: 100 kg + rider
  • Transport box height: 50 cm
  • width in cabin: 62 cm
  • length in cabin: 88 cm

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Nihola 4.0

The Nihola 4.0 is a cargo bike built for families. The Nihola 4.0 can carry up to 120kg and there is room for four children up to 7-8 years on the two benches. As an alternative a carry cot or car seat can be used in the bottom of the cabin and two children or an adult can sit on the bench. The Nihola 4.0 can also carry a stroller. The cabin that encloses and protects the children, provides good security, as the frame is structured as a closed double tube frame without corners consisting of a top and bottom frame that is welded together with vertical steel sections. The Nihola 4.0 has the same stable riding mechanism as our other Nihola products and is constructed with front support legs when parked. Moreover, it comes with a low entrance for children.


Technical specifications:

  • Total length: 230cm
  • Total width: 89cm
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • load: 120 kg + rider
  • Box height: 50 cm
  • width in cabin: 62cm
  • length in cabin: 106cm
  • Height from cabin floor to rain hood: 94cm – 104cm
  • Height from child bench to rain hood: 68cm – 78cm

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Nihola Flex

The Nihola flex is a wheelchair-friendly cargo bike offering a safe and fun way to include all riders with a wheelchair ramp for easy loading.  The transport platform is lower than 20 cm with the wheelchair ramp built into the frame and works with two gas dampers. It is possible to transport wheelchairs up to 68 cm wide. The wheelchair is easily fixed with ‘quick adapters’ for safety that are also used in trains, buses and cars.


Technical specifications:

  • Total length: 215 cm
  • Total width: 99 cm
  • Height of transport platform: 18 cm
  • Max wheelchair width: 68 cm
  • load: 120 kg + rider
  • The joint weight for the cyclist, wheel chair user, and wheel chair is max 220 kg.

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Nihola Taxi – Cycling Without Age

The Nihola taxi is designed for passengers with stable steering and safety features. The Taxi is wide enough to seat 2 people and the footrest is low enough so that passengers easily can enter the Taxi. Front leg support is used when TAXI is parked and for safe entrance.

Nihola Cycles supports Cycling Without Age (CWA) mission and work, helping elderly people get out and enjoy fresh air and social contact. CWA is based on generosity and kindness. It starts with the obvious generous act of taking one or two elderly or less-abled people out on a bike ride. It’s a simple act that everyone can do.


Technical specifications:

  • 36V battery 10.4AH / 13.6 AH
  • Walk assist
  • Battery can be charged both mounted and dismounted on bike
  • Integrated backlight
  • 7 speeds, Sram rear derailleur

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Nihola Rehab – NDIS

Riding with a disability might seem like an impossible task. You would like to, or know someone who would just love being on a bike, but you have no idea on where to get a bike or which bike would work.

We get you. We’ve been there. We understand.

With over 30 years of experience advising Australians on cargo bikes, we are happy to help you and your family find the right bike for your needs.
With a background in special need nursing and hands-on personal experience with a son in a wheelchair we understand the needs, complications and the freedom, a bike can give to any family.

Our priority is, and always will be the customer’s needs. We work with O.T.’s, physio’s, health specialists and families, which allows us to advice every individual properly. Riding with someone who has a disability has so many positive effects. For example:

  • Family and friends can operate the bike, while the person sits in the cabin. This helps with bonding. Having a chat, going to shops, or seeing other people will make the person in front feel included in the community.
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), some pollutants can be up to a hundred times higher indoors than outdoors. Proving, that going outside helps with both your physical health and your mental health.
  • Being in the front of a cargo bike makes you feel more independent, important, and part of a team.
  • Who does not like going on adventures with someone you care about? Exploring new things, being slightly out of your comfort zone, that will help anyone grow.

The Nihola rehab cargo bike was developed for transporting people with limited mobility. The aluminium front door can be opened, so a person can easily go in and out of the cabin itself. There is an option to place your own (PANDA) chair on special brackets, or use our bench with harness. The Nihola rehab comes with a rain/sun roof, so you can ride in any weather. This cargo bike is available with and without electric assist.


Technical specifications:

  • Total length: 2 meters
  • Total width: 89 cm/85 cm with turned front wheels

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Benefits of a Nihola cargo bike

Nihola offers cargo bikes to all different segments. Whether you want to go for a ride with your children, dog, or a person with a wheelchair, Nihola has the perfect cargo bike for you. Nihola sponsors  Cycling Without Age (CWA) and has a quality range of special needs bikes.

Nihola is the safest 3-wheeled cargo bike on the market, and the lightest! The steering is the same type used on a car, where the front wheels turn independently of the frame. It Is simple, maintenance free, and stable. Nihola cargo bikes require the same amount of maintenance as 2-wheeled bikes.

The closed frame cabin that surrounds and protects the precious cargo offers an extra level of security. The cabin is built up as a strong double tube frame without hazardous corners. It consists of horizontal top and bottom steel tubes, which are welded together with five strong vertical steel sections. This means that in the unlikely event of crashing into the bumper of a car, the vertical steel sections take the hit instead of the precious cargo.

The cabin can also be built with an open front frame and an aluminium front door. This is especially handy for dogs to get in and out of the cabin independently. However, this construction is not as strong as the closed frame arrangement.

The cabin and the rear end of the frame are built as one. This gives extra stiffness and the best possible use of your energy. The lower located cabin floor in regards to the centres of the front wheels, give extra stability and extra space. This space can be used for a carry cot under the child bench, which can easily be removed without the use of tools. Nihola cargo bikes have the most space between the rain hood roof and the cabin floor. That way, the rain hood can even be used when transporting adults. Furthermore, the distance from the seat to the handlebars is also the longest on the Danish market. Long-legged customers, Nihola got you covered!

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Reviews from our customers


To conclude the “Everything Nihola” blog post, we have selected a few reviews from our customers who have bought a Nihola cargo bike with us. That way you can read for yourself how a Nihola cargo bike can change your way of transport.


Nihola Family Cargo Bike

Great bike. My wife loves it. The lights that come with it are a bit on the cheap side and break really easy when you fit the batteries supplied.
The bike itself is great and easy to ride. The hood is great too. Our son lives riding in the bike going to kindy. My wife gets around a lot better and does the shopping with the bike too. The battery has a good life. Everything on the bike is easy to use and the manual easy to understand as well. Would recommend the Nihola Family bike. The supply where good to deal with too. Great people and very helpful.



We considered buying a cargo bike for a long time, however we were a bit reluctant due to the cost.
We live in the Northern Territory – there is no cargo bike shop around so we got in touch with Dutch Cargo Bike.
Emmy and Jurgen were extremely helpful over the phone and managed to put us in contact with one of their previous costumers in the NT who let us have a test ride on his cargo bike.
We immediately fell in love with the bike and ordered a Nihola trike to get around with our two girls. It has changed our life in such a positive way! Any trip is now so much fun, and we almost feel like local celebrities since so many people wave at us and give us a smile.
Our only regret is that we didn’t buy a trike years ago, when we first started thinking about it!


Best purchase ever! Wish we bought one sooner!

I love our cargo bike! Best purchase we’ve ever made and I wish we had bought one sooner. The experts at Dutch Cargo Bike were so knowledgeable and helpful with choosing the right bike for our family and our lifestyle and it’s completely transformed the way we go about our daily activities. We bought the Nihola Rehab initially to assist an elderly family member getting out and about with us but we also use it with our 9 & 10-year-old kids and our dog. Perfect for going to the beach, for school runs and also for daily shopping as we use the cargo portion of the bike like the boot of the car – it holds so much! I particularly love the electric assist to help getting up hills and for longer distances and amazed how long the battery lasts as well. If you are thinking about getting a cargo bike definitely make the investment…it will totally transform your life! We definitely get out and about as a family more often and it’s impossible to ride without smiling and getting lots of comments about how cool this bike is! If you’re not sure which one is right for you, go for a test ride and try a few different options and don’t hesitate to ask the team at Dutch Cargo Bike for their recommendations!


Purchased a Dutch Cargo Nihola Flex…

Purchased a Dutch Cargo Nihola Flex bike for a Gent who uses a wheelchair. It is fantastic. The service has been prompt and I am more than happy to recommend to other buyers.


For all reviews regarding Dutch Cargo Bike, or to write a review yourself, click here.

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