We get many questions on what to choose, a trike or 2wheel bike. Many people think they want a trike for stability. Which a trike is, more stable when you are standing still….but riding a bike or a trike is quite a different story! Some more information is in this article. A trike is great for short distcance, on the footpath and not going very fast, Want to ride on the road, a fair distance (more than 3km) and have a bit of speed, a 2-wheel bike is certainly worth to consider!

A two wheeled Cargo Bike, long as it may be, handles a like a normal bike. Riding a Cargo Bike is like driving a van when you normally drive a compact car — it’s different, but not that different. It’s easier to navigate small passages with the Cargo Bike (Bakfiets.nl, Urban Arrow, Douze Cycles, Workcycles Kr8)  for that reason. A Cargo Bike is also very stable when you go around corners or fast downhill. It’s a softer ride too because the load is in the middle between the two wheels.

A Cargo Trike has three wheels and is clearly a different kind of vehicle! It’s true that you won’t often lose stability when cycling very slow or certainly not when stopped. But that’s about it for Trike advantages. Speed up to more than 5 or 10kmph and the Trike quickly becomes unstable and awkward to manoeuvre. If you zoom around a corner fast enough the whole Trike will tip and fall over, more with some models than others. That’s very dangerous so you have to ride slow on a Trike.

The Nihola is the safest and most stable Trike on the market, but still it’s less preferred for riding at speed or longer distances compared to a two wheel Cargo Bike. Another big disadvantage is that Trikes are uncomfortable to ride on cambered roads. Unlike Amsterdam or Copenhagen most roads Australia are cambered and uneven making it hard work for the rider to try sit straight on the saddle. Lastly with a Trike the load is right on top of the wheels which means the load bounces a lot more. Not a problem when transporting pillows but it’s not nice when riding with your children.