Laura and Anke take 2 amazing Tern Folding Bikes on a little adventure, exploring the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

Our adventure with the folding bikes began on Friday evening. The bike went with Anke from her place of work to the bar for a drink where the bike was stored in a corner of the pub. After the pub it then went in the back of a car of a colleague, who dropped Anke and the bike in the CBD at the Forum Theatre (comedy show). With the bike under her the arm she went in and put it safely down at the cloakroom. After the comedy it was by bike to China Town where we took the bike up a long staircase. In this restaurant the bike was parked nicely next to our table. Then it’s homewards with the bike in the Uber. It’s so unbelievable; you can really take the bike any and everywhere. So very useful!!


It’s Saturday morning 7am on 22 April; Laura closes the door behind her and opens up the garage. There he is: the black glossy folding bike, folded and glowing at Laura. The black Tern folding bike is Laura’s means of transport this coming weekend. Within 5 seconds the pile of metal is transformed into a real race-bike and with that Laura raced to the tram stop. Within no time, the Black Tern is again transformed into a pile of metal that almost rivals the latest version of an iPhone.

Laura jumps aboard the tram with the folding bicycle. The tram driver looks a little bemused. After a few stops, Anke also boards the tram with her folding bike: a white-green Tern bike, with thinner tires. A real folding-road bike.

After a few stops we get off and together we fold out our bikes.

The tram starts to go off, but then breaks with screeching tires as a window is opened and the lady conductor squeezes her head between a gap and asks us where we got the bikes from, as she would like to have one too!

From the tram stop we bike to Richmond and Fitzroy. Finding out on the way, how the gears work exactly, as gears are no luxury in this hilly part of Melbourne. Fortunately, the gears work really well and we can relax our legs in the lighter position. Having arrived at Fitzroy, we folded the bikes up and continued the journey by car to the Great Ocean Road. The folded bikes are in the trunk and even with us, together with our photographer in the car, there is still enough room for luggage. Compactness is key.We drive to Torquay where we stop to have a coffee and enjoy watching the day-trippers strolling along the beach. Time to fold out the bikes! We cycle a round the village and along the promenade. We then even ride the Tern ‘black’ (the Link D7i with the broader tires and a deeper profile, internal gears) across the beach and along the surf. We notice a few jealous looks. What a unique experience it is to ride the bike across the beach and along this impressive coastline.We cross further on. On the way we stop in Lorne where picnic and we play a game. Here again, jealous looks are thrown towards the folding bikes. Especially folding in and out appears to be a real eye catcher.

After Lorne we travel on to Apollo Bay. On arrival we get the bikes out one more time and make an honorary trip through the village. Unfortunately, we forgot the bike lights and so couldn’t ride too long as it gets dark quickly. We folded the bikes in again and returned them to the trunk of the car where they stayed overnight.

For us it was now time to support the local economy. While enjoying a drink and dinner we talked about the bicycle outing today and did some planning for tomorrow.
Unfortunately, the next day is a somewhat foggy and rainy day, something that emphasizes the mysterious beauty of the flora and fauna of the Great Ocean Road.

Cycling now would not even seem sensible for a very experienced Dutchman. Fortunately, the bikes are well and dry in the back of the car and so we take a leisurely drive back to Melbourne.All in all it was a very special experience. It was really nice to get out and about with the folding bikes. They are incredibly easy to handle and because the bike is so compact you can take it everywhere. No means of transport is too small for this bike. We Dutch are, of course, delighted with the freedom and possibilities to be able take your bike everywhere.


Anke and Laura took a Link D71 and a Verge X10 with them on their trip. Both models are in stock right now, ready for your adventure!