We are loving our bike!  During the warmer months, we didn’t really use our car and the bike replaced all local trips – we are still using it in the winter but more for weekends.  Here are a few things we enjoy or have done on the bike:

–          Interacting with the kids.  They are much more inquisitive when on the bike and ask lots of questions about the environment and our community.  It’s a great learning tool – teaching kids to not rely on a car is important to start early!  They have also shown more interest in their own bikes.  My eldest son is super keen to be able to ride his bike to school next year.

–          People talk to us – the amount of people who want to talk to us has increased since we’ve had the bike!  Some want to ask about the bike, others just must think we look more friendly or something and chat other things.  Having a bike must give the perception of “we are nice”!

–          Shopping– we have successfully loaded a full weeks Aldi shop (and the kids) on the bike.  It’s a slower ride home but the bike is so stable you cant even notice the weight.  We use it every week to get to the Coburg Farmers Market (only a short distance).   Very handy for carrying home all our food!!

–          Trips to the Footy – My husband has used the bike on a few times to get to the MCG and integrates with the train.  Pretty cool to park outside the ground!

–          For me, I feel like a more relaxed and calm parent when on the bike vs driving in traffic in a car.

–          We are selling our second car!

Emma -Melbourne