Randal and his family enjoy riding…a lot! read his review on the Santos trekking lite below;
Well it’s been 1.5years now and the Santos trekking lite has seen +10,000km of daily commuting and weekend trips.  During this time I have pumped the tyres 3 times, changed the oil in the Rohloff and given it the odd wash and it still looks brand new and works the same as the day it came out of the box.  Also the carbide impregnated rims are impressive after all this time of commuting along the beach they still look new and for the same reasons I am still on the first set of  brake pads.  The simple truth is that fenders, panniers, kickstands, headset lock, magura rim brakes, carbon belt drive and upright seating makes this the perfect no hassle commuter.   You can pop on and off the train with ease, stroll on the bike trails or tuck down on the bars and pass the triathletes on beach road on the similar priced only good for one thing time trial bikes.
Why you need a Rohloff or pinion system..  The usual commuter story as you pull up to the lights or stop for pedestrians I often go from 14 to 7 on the rohloff with a twist of the wrist and listen to the noise of cracking gears and shifting behind me as I quietly ride off.  I am convinced that no one should be using a chains for commuting it’s just a waste of time and effort when you can ride quietly everyday grease free with nothing more than the odd water rinse.
In short my custom trekking light has proven to be a great investment that will be transporting me for many decades to come with little to no additional costs.
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