Feel the wind and sun on your face. Enjoy the outdoors!

There are many options, for all different needs.

Dutch Cargo Bike has many special bikes in stock, like the Nihola rehab, Nihola Flex, Onderwater tandem, Azor adult tandem and all the regular Cargo Bikes. And we work together with Nijland bikes for any other special bikes, ready to help you with a bike, as everyone should be able to enjoy the cycling lifestyle!


I can cycle myself, but needs someone to help me steering;

Ride on a tandem! There are tandems for children between 4 and 8, with an extension available so you can ride until 12 years old. Or you can have a tandem for adults, where you sit on the back and enjoy the ride while cycling. There are also tandems for adults where you are in front, but the adult in the back is the pilot (like here)!

*onderwater tandem *azor adult tandem


I can cycle myself, but have some difficulty with balance;

There are many options for you! Special designed with or without electric assist. You can have a trike with a box in front for your shopping. Or a trike a special seat, and even trikes with 2 seats next to each-other for you and a friend! Have a look at the website of our partner here. We will work closely together with you and the Dutch factory to get the perfect trike for you!

*nihola family trike


I can’t ride myself, but I can walk, sit up by myself and climb into a bike;

A regular Cargo Bike will be great! You sit in front, in the box. You are the boss and can tell your driver where to go. There are different models available, trikes and 2-wheel bikes. The cargo bikes with the wooden box have a little bench, so you can dangle your legs down, just like a normal chair. There are also speedy bikes with a seat on the floor, and you stretch your legs in front of you. The trikes are nice and stable when you are standing still, but when riding along, going around corners they might feel a little unstable and maybe give you a bit of a fright.

*bakfiets long *bakfiets trike *douze *nihola


I can’t ride by myself, I can sit by myself, but need to take my wheelchair/walker with me;

The bigger Cargo Bikes will cater for this, you can sit on the bench, and your equipment can be in front of you. Easy to carry on the ride and just pull it out when you arrive!

*bakfiets trike *nihola 4.0


I can’t ride by myself, I can walk a bit, but won’t be able to climb into a bike;

There are Cargo Bikes available with an opening door, you can (with help) walk into the bike and sit on a special bench. The door closes with 2 special clips and you are ready to go!

*nihola rehab


I can’t ride by myself, and need a special chair to sit in. I don’t need to be in a wheelchair;

In most bikes you can screw your special chair, or screw in some hooks, belts etc to attach your chair. Depending if you can be lifted in or need an opening door you would choose between the different models.

*nihola *bakfiets *douze


I can’t ride by myself, and need to be in my wheelchair during the ride;

There is a special trike on where you can ride your wheelchair. There is even a ramp to ride up, strap the chair down and enjoy the ride!

*nihola flex


More information:

What bikes can help you? We have put them all in 1 place, easy to find -> here

Have questions? Give Emmy a call! With a background in disability care as a nurse and is a mother of an 8 year old who is 90% wheelchair bound is the perfect person to ask questions and to help find a bike for every family, with any needs.

0458858713 / info@dutchcargobike.com.au


About Nijland

Nijland Cycling has been manufacturing and manufacturing her bicycles for a total of 25 years in her own factory in Heeten, a Dutch quality brand. Our designers and constructors are continuously active in the development of bicycles and components that make cycling more pleasant and safer. It is about cycling for every person. In almost all cases, one can choose between ordinary or electrical execution.